Someone may say that this is yet another blog about Microsoft Windows platform and other Microsoft products. Although we have similarity with well known resources about Windows platform and related products, we are quite sure you will find distinctive features and, what is more valuable, some exclusive and incredibly valuable information. We are working hard to provide you with some fresh ideas, views and opinions. We are constantly reviewing the best possible solutions and are getting some insights on future developments.

Our Interests
As you have already guessed, our primary interest is in Microsoft Windows platforms and everything related to it. Though, our major focus is still around Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8 and Windows 7,as you’ll see, we interested in many other technological areas.

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Our internal scoring system allows us to promote the most successful bloggers and as a result our readers have only reliable and up to date information.

Our authors and contributors are Microsoft Windows administrators, Windows application developers and for a long time technical geeks and gurus. They are passionate about anything related to Microsoft, their products as well as overall technology.

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