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Best Ever Surface: Surface 2017 Review

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Could Microsoft’s new lineup of Surface devices feature the best ever surface yet? In this review, we take a look at the three new Surface devices; the Surface Pro, the Surface Laptop, and the Surface Studio, to find out.

Surface Laptop Review: Best Ever Surface Laptop?

The new Surface laptop is the first of the three new Surface devices, and many people are already falling in love with it.

The important thing to note about the Surface laptop is that it’s not trying to be groundbreaking or special in anyway – it’s simply designed from the ground up to be a versatile laptop that does everything a laptop should do.

Let’s start with the exterior design – The Surface laptop has a very premium appearance to it. There’s no doubt that there are similarities between the Surface laptop and the Macbook Air – the thin, wedge-shaped design that everybody knows the Macbook Air for is certainly apparent on the Surface, too.

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That’s not a bad thing – we truly appreciate the overall design appeal of the Surface, and it doesn’t stop at it’s sleek similarities with Apple’s best lightweight productivity machine. The Surface laptop is equipped with a 13.5 inch 2K display with a 3:2 aspect ratio – this means you’ve got more space to view your content, especially when viewing content that requires a lot of vertical space. An example would be a spreadsheet or a scrollign webpage.

The Surface Laptop is also equipped with touch screen capabilities and the Surface Pen can be picked up on as a standalone gadget.

On the inside, the Surface Laptop is packing a an Intel Core processor (Either an i5 or i7), up to 16GB of RAM, Intel Graphics,  a 720p webcam with Windows Hello support, and roughly 10-14 hours of usage time from it’s battery.

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If you were looking for a premium Windows laptop that could rival the Macbook, the Surface Laptop is certainly that.

Surface Pro Review: Best Ever Surface Tablet?

Next up on the list of new Surface devices is the Surface Pro. The 2017 Surface Pro, otherwise known as the Surface Pro 4, is the latest and greatest tablet from Microsoft. There’s no denying that this latest gadget is by far the best ever surface tablet we’ve witnessed yet.

The Surface Pro isn’t cheap, but it’s not designed to compete with your everyday iPad – this beast is built to be a work and creativity machine with enough oomph to run Windows 10 S flawlessly. The Surface Pro, by default, does not come with the keyboard or the Surface Pen, but both of these accessories are something that truly complete the Surface Pro experience.

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With the Surface Pen in hand, the Surface Pro becomes an incredibly productive tool for all creativite people out there. With the keyboard, the Surface Pro becomes a suitable option for writing, typing, or general communication.

The Surface Pro is paired up with a Core i7-7660U, 16GB of RAM and a 512GB SSD from Samsung. All of these components work in harmony to create a zippy experience on Windows 10 S. For any doubters, this hardware will give you enough power to get to work on any version of Windows without any hitches, too.

Without a powerful GPU, this setup is a little lacking for gaming – this should be kept in mind before purchasing.

best ever surface pro 1

On a final note, Microsoft has opted for a 12.3inch display with a 3:2 aspect ratio. The resolution comes in at 2736 x 1824, which is essentially 2K. The actual quality of the contrast and color on the display is also something to write home about, as it always is with Microsoft’s Surface products.

Surface Studio Review: Best Ever Surface All-In-One?

We’ve got one final Surface device to talk about. It’s the Surface Studio All-In-One. There’s been a lot of talk about the Surface Studio for some time, but Microsoft is finally amping up production alongside the release of the latest Surface Laptop and Surface Pro.

Let’s first make it clear that the Surface Studio is expensive. Very expensive. It’ll cost you a few thousand, ($2,972 on Amazon), and that’s just for the base model.

For that hefty price tag, you are given a very clean-cut AIO that fits neatly on any desk. With everything built into the monitor frame itself, the design of the monitor gives it a very minimilistic appearance.

best ever surface studio 1

There’s a lot of praise to be had for the Surface Studio display. It’s a whopping 27 inches in size, but it’s still incredibly thin and surprisingly lightweight. The display has a near-enough 2560×1440 resolution, with Microsoft’s trademark 3:2 aspect ratio.

This ratio, combined with the huge 27 inches of space, makes it feel like you could view the entirety of Wikipedia on a single screen. It’s a little overwhelming at first, but it gives users an incredible amount of space to play with.

The cheapest Surface Studio (~$3,000) comes with an i5 6440HQ and 16GB of RAM, whilst the most middle-range option ($3,500) has a Intel Core i7-6820HQ and 16GB RAM. Finally, the high end model ($4,200) features the same i7-6820HQ, but with 32GB of RAM.

All options have an increasing amount of standard storage and SSD storage. The low end model has a GTX 965M 2GB, whilst the other two models have the GTX 980M 4GB.

best ever surface studio 2

With these specs, the performance is super clean – gaming performance on the Surface Studio is also impressive – most modern games will run smoothly.

We hope you’ve enjoyed reading through our reviews of the latest Surface devices in 2017. Which of these three Surface devices interests you the most?

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