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Best Free Software for a new Windows 10

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The best free software, tools and utilities you would ever need might not be so expensive or exclusive. Now, with little effort and good contacts, anyone can find good and useful free software online. Your Windows PC can get on to a whole new level with a good load of new and fresh software downloaded from the Internet. But, how to find the best stuff?

With your PC there comes quite a lot of software already, but everyone needs a bit on top of that. At least an antivirus protection of some kind in necessary for all. How to pick up the best free antivirus software? We show you the top ten and the rest. With your PC hardened up and all the holes filled, no leakage left and no back doors either. What you need next is a decent word processor. However good author you are, with a tiny Notepad there is not much space for growth, no styles and nothing but a plain old Arial font. We show you how to find the best free Office software.

Going online is everyday for all today. But, there are many browsers out there! All of them look mostly the same, but we assist you to find your way to the best free web browser out there. Even with top notch antivirus software running, and a secure browser in use, we all stay vulnerable to a wide range of network related issues. For that you need for sure a VPN tunnel. That makes you invisible in the cyberspace, more or less, so that not even your own government knows what you are doing online. Check out our list of VPN software and pick up the best from the rest.

Without browser and security working online would be boring and dull. But what about music? How to find the best free music players online? Not just simple stuff, but something amazing and fun. We show you the top free music players and hope you will have a lot of fun! With your favorite music playing on, what could be more satisfying that take a brush and paint and turn your artistic side wide open. Throw pixels around and draw straight lines with the most loved free image editors and photo manipulator software.

As the work is done, many people want to share their fun across the world. The single most loved file sharing platform stays BitTorrent, and now we show you the most exclusive and capable BitTorrent clients out there. Free of course! Watching your favorite movies still from YouTube? Do no more, we show you the most famous YouTube video downloader applications, which you can try to use for your favorite movies offline. Easy fun and for Free!

Everyone loves movies, and doing your own cut out of the best movies of the world can be a lot of fun. With good video editors, you can become a director of your own movie. Cut the best pieces out and do your own favorite compilation, where every scene is there for a reason, like a parade of armies. Take a moment to find the best free video editors online, nothing could be easier than that!

Finally, with all things set up, a crucial piece of malware and spyware protection is still there to be added. Install a tiny piece of software, on top of the full stack, and soon you will feel safe and easy, as everything is working just fine, and all of that enjoyment came for free.

Best Free Antivirus Applications

The top three of free antivirus application is full of awesome stuff. Take for example the best of the best, Avira Antivirus Free, that comes with ultimate protection against most of the known malicious software out there. Now, that is very good since the whole cyberspace is full of dangers and deep holes. Check this great app which can deliver good level of security for free. It will even update itself automatically, so you don’t need to worry. So you may just enjoy the free show and feel safe whatever webpages or services you use.

Another great free antivirus software, Panda Free Antivirus, can keep you dry and going day and night. Using Panda, you don’t need to give out much, since it is all free and a good deal will ensure that you will get back what give out.

Best Office Productivity Applications

Best Office Productivity Applications Windows 10
Best Office Productivity Applications Windows 10

Who wants to pay for Word today!? No, no-way, we all want to edit our files for free. Slides and charts all come handy for any office or home. With completely free Office Live Online, you can use all of the corporate grade productivity applications online for free! Now, that is a good thing.

Everything there for you to use and explore like it was running on your own desktop. Need to stay offline? On the road the cloud may stay off. Download a full office suite and stay on working even when the network goes down. Perhaps the best office suite WPS Office comes with all the features available for free! Similarly to Apache OpenOffice, there are all the things like in a real office, but with barely any cost at all.

You can download WPS Office for free from here

Best Browsers for Safari and Wild West of Cyberspace

Surfing online can be a lot of fun, and why should you need to pay for a browser!? No way, just download the best of the rest and start using your favorite web sites as never before. Browsers come with different features and tools, and the best are completely free. Download Chrome or jump on to the next level. Competing browsers Google Chrome and Yandex Browser offer amazing
features completely free! Security is good in both, pick up the one that best match your needs. Why not try them both?

Old browsers can be problem, so better take some of the new ones. Fee free to explore the wide range of Internet browsers online and find the best for your needs. Good browsers are extendable with plugins and stuff. Just enable more features as you use them, with seamless integration and stable connection between the wide range of internet users.

Best VPN Tunnels for Safe Browsing


Even the best browsers can leak out a lot of your private stuff if your network is insecure and all your traffic goes in plain text. Never loose a bit with good VPN software all your network traffic stays encrypted and safe. One of the best, VPN TunnelBear comes with a lot of choices and a good range of proxy servers all free for you to use. Stay off the radar with TunnelBear and explore the cyberspace for free.

With TunnelBear you can access content across the boundaries of countries and regimes. Had your favorite website blocked by your government? No problem, with TunnelBear VPN, the best of the rest, you can still access what other users maybe can not! Now, that is a lot of fun – and all that for barely any cost at all!

More details on TunnelBear you can find here 

Best Music Players for Windows

Best Music Players Windows 10
Best Music Players Windows 10

Get your Windows on to the next level with a good free music player software. No need to look further, just install MusicBee, the best free music player for Windows. With awesome capabilities, this player can do playlists, stream online and keep you collection of music in order. Now, let your ears enjoy the lovely sounds of music, all that free you to enjoy day after day. With a little effort you can keep your music in order, create and share your best playlists with your friends. This MusicBee application can even use the most of your hardware features, so that your music plays smooth and the sound stays crystal clear.

You can download MusicBee from here

Best Free Software For Image and Photo Editing

Best Free Image Photo Editor Windows 10
Best Free Image Photo Editor Windows 10

What would the world be without images and photos, a boring and dull one for sure! Take the most out of your rights and edit your own photos and keep pixels in order with awesome free GIMP image manipulator application. Like the most expensive applications, this GIMP includes many of he same features with little to no cost at all. Explore the artistic side of your brain and brush the pixels in order,  smooth hard corners and set the color levels tight. You can even use a wide range of filters and tools to manipulate the image. For example make everything bright so it pleases the eye. GIMP is the most loved best free image editor application, already long time and for the years to come.

You can download Gimp for free from here

Best PDF Reader

Best PDF Reader Windows 10
Best PDF Reader Windows 10

Many kinds of PDF files come today everywhere, in work, school and fun. Filling up forms and surveys could not be easier with PDF files, just add in the missing parts, print out and sign! For sure, you need a good PDF reader – but make no mistake, pay nothing for that! PDF Reader is a commodity for all, everyone should be able to read PDF files and fill up the forms.

With Foxit Reader you can turn your Windows into a true PDF lab! All the features available for you to use to read, search, create and convert your PDF files are there easily available and with barely any cost at all. With tight integration with famous productivity applications, you can just easily publish your documents as PDF and distribute them easily with a cloud-based service for safe and secure document sharing.

Never send Word file again, now you can create your PDF files for free with awesome free PDF software.

You can download Foxit for free from here

Best YouTube Content Downloader

Everyone loves Youtube videos and many entertainment venues across the world indeed depend on its wide selection of music and fun. Why should you leave your favorite music online, when you can take it down and keep in your pocket? That way you can listen the beautiful sounds even when the Internet goes off. With the best online content downloader application, “Any Video Converter” can copy videos and music from just about any online content site for free. Take the best pieces with you and play them offline, like a pro and without advertisement or costs of any kind. Now, that is a lot of fun and good for the people who want to enjoy day and night.

Best Free Software for Video Editing

Best Free VideoEditor Windows 10
Best Free Video Editor Windows 10

Now video editing does not need to be any more exclusive privilege of professionals but anyone can cut out their favorite scenes and create compilations of the best shots. With tools like free video editor Lightworks you can now get access to all of the same features than most professional video editors use – and with barely any cost a all! This is awesome, as you will be able to cut your short mobile recordings as well as any HD movies you have stored for your enjoyment.

With free tool like Lightworks. you can turn your own recordings and clips into a professional looking movie to be published eg. in Vimeo or elsewhere. Take it or leave it but even Hollywood
has been said to use the software to cut their pieces together.

You can download LightWorks for free from here

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