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Conan Exiles On Xbox – It’s Coming

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Conan Exiles on Xbox is happening. It’s been confirmed via the Xbox blog and it will be making it’s way to the Xbox Game Preview program on August 16.

Learn more about Conan Exiles on Xbox and what kind of game it is below.

What Is Conan Exiles?

Conan Exiles is an open world survival multiplayer game that features base building, full loot PVP and encounters with giant monsters and gods. You can play online and share the same world with dozens of other players, create a private session with friends, or battle it out in the harsh environment alone.

Conan Exiles isn’t yet a completed game – it’s been on the Early Access program on Windows PC for a while now, and when it comes to Xbox One it will first be available through the Xbox Game Preview program.

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This means that the game may have some bugs or performance issues here and there. It also means that the developers are still working on adding new content to the game, so if you’d like to be help shape the future of Conan Exiles on Xbox, becoming an early adopter will give your that opportunity.

When Is Conan Exiles On Xbox Available?

Conan Exiles on Xbox will first be available on August 16 – on this date, the game will be brought to the Xbox Game Preview program. August 16 will also mark the release of a large expansion for Conan Exiles on Xbox and PC.

The expansion will include a 50% increase to the player area. The new area will feature vast mountains and towering forest trees. The expansion will also include new enemy types, new weapons, and new building pieces.

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The developers for Conan Exiles are aiming to get the game out of the Xbox Game Preview program and into official launch during Q1 2018, although this date is subject to change, depending on how well the development process goes during 2017.

What are your thoughts on Conan Exiles? Will you be picking up Conan Exiles on Xbox One when it launches into the Xbox Game Preview program on August 16, or will you wait until it’s a bit more polished next year?

Learn more about the Conan Exiles Xbox announcement from the source link provided below.

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