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End-To-End Security in Windows 10

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Microsoft has confirmed that they will be implementing End-To-End Security in Windows 10 as part of the 2017 Fall Creators Update. With End-To-End security, Windows 10 users can be more comfortable that their data or servers are protected.

Microsoft has worked to build End-To-End Security in Windows 10 that can be accessed on the consumer level straight from the operating system to quickly protect all Windows 10 devices in a single network.

The new system has been called Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection (ATP). It’s a comprehensive suite of tools to protect all Windows 10 users from malicious attacks. The development behind Windows Defender ATP had three core focuses;

  • To detect incoming attacks and provide instant protection to all Windows 10 customers.
  • To respond to any major or minor threats appropriately and in a timely manner.
  • To prevent attacks from happening or malicious loopholes being created in the first place.

These three core focuses have been covered by a range of different tools, all of which are available in the new Windows Defender ATP End-to-End Security in Windows 10.

The first tool mentioned by Microsoft in the new toolkit is called Windows Defender Exploit Guard. It’s been based upon the existing Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit , a free Windows security toolkit that’s used to help users finetune their security options.

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Exploit Guard is equipped with a variety of rules and systems to protect networks from advanced threats, especially zero day exploits.

The second tool announced as part of the new End-To-End Security in Windows 10 is the Windows Defender Application Guard. This specific tool is used to stop malicious attackers from getting a foothold in a network or a local computer system.

For example, if malicious software is installed on a computer, Windows Defender Application Guard can quarantine that software or that PC from the rest of the network before it has a chance to spread.

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Finally, the Windows Defender Device Guard has been implemented into the Windows Defender ATP toolkit to make it easier for Windows 10 users to manage application control across their networks.

It simplifies the process whilst still providing the major security benefits that come with using application control.

The new Windows Defender ATP End-To-End Security in Windows 10 will also harness the power of the cloud to sift through data it gathers from attacks across the entire Windows ecosystem.

It will use advanced learning algorithms to quickly spot attacks and provide defense against them to all Windows 10 users.

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