Far Cry 5 Locations Revealed

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In a new blog following the events of E3 3017, some Far Cry 5 locations have been revealed.

The Far Cry universe has always taken players to new and exotic locations. We’ve seen hot South Pacific jungles to cold, unforgiving Himalayan mountains. In Far Cry 5, we’ll be seeing the nature-packed Hope County, Montana.

Hope County, Montana, is a fictional place that looks like a small county out in the country in North America. There’s farmland, beautiful lakes, rural towns and plenty of wildlife. The world is massive, spanning across various different locations.

One of the Far Cry 5 locations revealed to players at E3 2017 was called Falls End. This is a small town with very little to offer but a peaceful lifestyle, equipped with a gas station, a general store, auto shop, and a small water hole. The popular of Falls End is just 38, although most of these were mysteriously abducted by the Project at Edgen’s Gate doomsday cult.

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We say Falls End offers a peaceful lifestyle – this used to be true, but now Falls End is one of the many Far Cry 5 locations overrun by gun-wielding militia. The residents of Falls End were forced to their knees and given little hope.

In the E3 2017 demo for Falls End, the players in control played through a number of different scenarios. In the first scenerio, the player had their dog called upon to attack a militia member and bring back their rifle.

In another scenario, a local rebel sniper was recruited to help with infiltrating the town. Many different scenarios like this are possible and completely down to how the player chooses to play.

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Falls End is set to be one of many Far Cry 5 locations – the entirety of Hope County, Montana is expected to be one of the biggest environments in a Far Cry game yet.

Far Cry 5 is set to launch next year, on February 27. The game will launch for Xbox One, Xbox One X, Xbox One S, PlayStation 4, PS4 Pro, and on Windows.

What are your thoughts on the new Far Cry 5 locations? Do you like the environment and setting or would you prefer the game to have visited another unseen environment?

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