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Fix: Apps Crash After Windows 10 Anniversary Update Install

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As much as Microsoft hoped Windows 10 would be bug-free OS, it’s not. Many users complain about “Apps Crash After Windows 10 Anniversary Update Install” problem. In fact, problems associated with the Windows 10 Anniversary Update highlights just how rocky of a start Window’s new operating system is off to.

Among the latest reports, the most common and troubling seem to be how apps simply crash after installing the Anniversary Update. Users report only needing to click on the apps for the logo to appear, only for the app to crash a second later. And, the worst part is that not a single Windows app seem to have been spared.

Getting The Update

Of course, to apply the fix, you’ll need to make sure that your operating system is updated first. Don’t worry, it’s pretty simple; you won’t really need to do anything. Unless, of course, you have auto-updates disabled. If that’s the case, you’ll have to apply the update manually.

Simply go to the Settings app, and select Update & Security. Next, click on the Check for Updates button. Update 1607 should be ready for download from there. But, if it’s not, you can download the upgrade manually from this link.

Fix: Apps Crash After Windows 10 Anniversary Update Install

There are three possible solutions to the problem, and we’ll walk you through each one of them.

1. Solution – Clear and Reset the Windows Store Cache

  1. Right-click the Windows 10 Start Menu Icon > Select “Command Prompt (Admin)” Alternatively, you can also type “cmd” in the search box and select “Command Prompt” from there.
  2. Once open, type on the console exe
  3. Leave your computer to clear the cache for a few minutes and do a reboot. The apps should return back to normal afterward.

2. Solution – Reset app settings

Be sure to take note of the apps that aren’t working beforehand

  1. Go to or search for “Settings” > Select “System” > Select “Apps & Features”
  2. Select the apps that are crashing > Select “Advanced Options” > Click “Reset”

Third solution

If either one of the first two solutions doesn’t work, then you may have to resort to the more complicated third solution.

The steps are as follows:

  1. Open up “File Explorer” and go to C:\Program Files (simply substitute C:\ with the letter where your main drive is if you changed the default setting)
  2. Select “View” on the upper left corner of your screen and check “Hidden items” to temporarily show hidden files and folders

    How to Fix: Apps Crash After Windows 10 Anniversary Update Install
    How to Fix: Apps Crash After Windows 10 Anniversary Update Install
  3. Right-click “WindowsApps” > Select “Properties”
  4. Click on the “Security Tab” > Select “Advanced”
  5. The window “Advanced Security Settings for WindowsApps” should pop up and now be visible on your screen.
  6. Hover to the Owner label > Click “Change”
  7. You should be taken to the “Select user or group” window
  8. From here, you can type your user account on the “Enter the object name to select” area > click “Ok”.
  9. Right-click on the “WindowsApps” folder again > Select “Properties” > “Security” > “Add”
  10. You should now be on the “Permission entry for data”
  11. Click on “Select a Principal” and then add your account.
  12. Click on “permissions” > Set to “Full Control”.
  13. You should now able to run PowerShell as an admin and re-register all the packages. You can do this by typing the command “Get-AppXPackage | Foreach {Add-AppxPackage – DisableDevelopmentMode –Register “$($_.InstallLocation)\AppXManifest.xml”

Have you tried out any one of the workarounds for this issue? Better yet, do you know of any other solution? If you do, be sure to let us know!

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