Fix Windows 10 Clock Are Wrong

Fix: Windows 10 clock are wrong

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Setting date and time in windows 10 have been a challenging issue for so many people who are not conversant with the new Windows. This is because many people were accustomed or used to the former Windows 7 where it was easy to change the date and time. It is important to note that date and time are usually displayed on the right side of the taskbar. If your computer is showing incorrect time, the following two methods can be used to fix it. The first method is automatic while the second method is manual. The level of expertise or computer knowledge will inform on the suitable method a person will use to adjust time if the clock is not displaying correct time.

1. Windows Services method to fix windows 10 clock

The first method involves checking windows time service settings. If the time is wrong, the time service configuration might be wrong and not running as expected. It will, therefore, be important to configure the time service settings properly.

The first step will involve pressing windows key + S and enter Services. You will then chose Services from the menu. After opening the Services, locate Windows Time service and double click it. You will be required to check the Startup type section and then set it to Automatic.

Lastly, check the service status to determine whether the service is running. If the service is running, you will be required to click stop and then click start again. You will finally click Apply followed by OK button. This will adjust time, clock settings, and bring it back to normal or the expected readings.

2. Manual method to fix windows 10 clock

If the first method does not offer the desired solution, one can opt for a manual setting of both time and dates. This is necessary, especially when one is not aware of what is causing incorrect clock readings in Windows 10. The first step involves clicking the clock on the taskbar or opens the flyout after which one will be required to click the date and time settings.

The second step involves turning off the option labeled Set Time automatically to activate the manual settings of the clock. After deactivating the automatic button, select the date and time section after which you will set the right time and date manually.

You will then save the changes. This is the simplest method for fixing Windows 10 clock if it displays incorrect time.

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