Getting Started With Windows Gaming

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Getting started with gaming on Windows can seem a little overwhelming to begin with. However, we’ve created this article to make the whole process as easy to understand as possible.

Playing on your Windows PC can offer a much better experience than playing on a console, but it’s not as easy as popping in a disc and playing a game. There are a few other things you’ll need to learn about.

We have provided some essential tips for learning how to make the most out of your new Windows gaming PC.

Where Can You Get Good Windows PC Games?

Whilst with console gaming, it’s easy to pop down to your local store and buy a copy of a game, you can’t really do this for PC. Instead, you must use one of the many digital gaming platforms to buy and download games instead. We’ve listed the best online sources for buying digital PC games below.

  • Amazon sells much more than just books and electronics. Their PC store is full of games, guides and everything. You can buy games and know that they’ll be delivered to you reliably.
  • Steam is the absolute best spot for gaming on Windows. It’s the top platform and has the highest selection of games available. Think of Steam as the Xbox Games Store or the PSN marketplace. You can create a Steam account for free, download the app, and buy and download apps straight to your Steam account.
  • GreenManGaming is a third party PC digital game reseller that sells digital games for lower prices. You can purchase a game key here, and then use a platform like Steam to activate your key and get playing.
  • Origin is another platform similarly to Steam, but this platform is exclusively used for EA titles. This includes games like Battlefield, Mass Effect, Dragon Age and Battlefront.
  • Windows Store also has it’s own selection of games and provides users a platform to play games similarly to Steam. Despite being built straight into Windows 10, it’s not quite as popular as Steam. You can still use the Windows Store to get access to Microsoft exclusive titles such as  Halo Wars, Fallout Shelter and Gears of War.

Tweak Your PC And Monitor Performance

Your PC goes under a lot of stress when playing games, so you’ll want to keep an eye on its performance and also learn about its specifications so that you can find out whether you have the required hardware to play a new game.

  • Simply put, Speccy (from Piriform) is a Swiss army tool for your PC. With Speccy, you can be in control of every process and keep things tidy and neat on your PC.
  • HWMonitor is another easy tool to keep your PC in order. With this tool you can learn about every detail of your most valuable gaming hardware within your PC.

Cleaning Up Your PC

Video games can take up a lot of hard drive space on your PC, so it’s good to regularly use cleaning software to clean up your PC once you’ve finished playing with a game. We’ve listed some software options below that can be useful for cleaning up your PC and freeing up storage space quickly.

  • CCleaner is a popular tool for cleaning up your PC and making extra space. This software can distinguish the junk from the good stuff and get rid of what’s not important.
  • IOBit Uninstaller makes sure that all files and data are completely removed after you get rid of a program or game.
  • GeForce Experience If you have an NVIDIA GPU, using this software can help you to optimize your game performance.
  • AMD Gaming Evolved If you have an AMD GPU, you’ll need to use AMD Gaming Evolved to optimize your game performance.

Recording And Sharing Your Gameplay

Ever want to share or record your gameplay footage? Whether you want to record videos for YouTube, or stream on Twitch, the software below will help you to get started.

  • DXTory is a great piece of software that’s useful for capturing footage from your favorite games. DXTory is very easy to use and provide quick, high quality video recording.
  • XSplit is another recording software that also has streaming capabilities. XSplit does cost money, but some people prefer it to other options.
  • OBS is a free recording and streaming software – it’s completely free, but it takes some time to learn how to use.
  • Windows also has a feature built into Windows 10 that can record gameplay. It’s called the Windows Game Bar and it can be accessed by pressing Windows + G whilst in a game.

Everything Else You Need to Know

Gaming can be a lot of fun, but take care of these final details and you are good to go!

  • In the future, upgrade to an SSD drive. These are faster alternatives to a standard hard drive – they’re far faster and come into performance issues far less often.
  • Make sure to clean your PC every now and then. Buy pressurized air or use a duster and occasionally clean dust from your fans to keep your temperatures low. Make sure your PC is switched off before doing a clean.
  • Check that you have mouse and keyboard that are optimized for gaming. Some gaming mice use better sensors and have faster response times. The same can be said for gaming keyboards.
  • Go and network with other gamers by joining online forums or by adding friends you meet online. This ensures your experience is the best it can possibly be and it can open up opportunities for new friendships.


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