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Golf Societies In Golf Club 2 To Fuel Multiplayer

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More details for Golf Club 2 for Xbox One have been revealed, and we now have some juicy details about how Golf Societies in Golf Club 2 will work to fuel the multiplayer experience.

With the original Golf Club, it became quickly apparent that the community surrounding the game was what made it such a success. Players from around the world would pull together to build golf courses, compete in tournaments, and run player-hosted events.

This community aspect that was built from the ground up by the players was something that the Golf Club developers put a lot of focus on whilst planning Golf Club 2.

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The results of all that planning are Golf Societies in Golf Club 2 – a community-focused aspect that will power the social aspect of the game.

Golf Societies in Golf Club 2 are essentially player-owned clans that can be used as a hub to share community experiences with each other. Players are given the option to build their own society and invite their friends, or join up to existing societies to find other players to interact with across the globe.

Not only will Golf Societies in Golf Club 2 help to bring the community-ran aspects into the game itself, but they’ll also be at the center of most player’s personal progression. Every society will start as a run-down shed, but every society also has the chance to grow their headquarters into a luxorious clubhouse.

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With wealthier clubhouses, comes more expensive tournaments and bigger cash prizes for society members to get involved with. This opens up the opportunity for a competive community vs community aspect for Golf Club 2.

Alternatively, players can work on their societies privately with their friends. They don’t have to engage with the competitive aspects of the Golf Club 2 societies whatsoever if they do not want to.

To help bring the Golf Societies in Golf Club 2 to life, the developers have brought back the course creator tools with even more features and player support. To begin with, all courses from the original Golf Club can be imported into Golf Club 2, so there’s already going to be a ton of community-made content on day one.

Golf Club 2 launched on June 27, 2017.

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