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Killer Instinct Added to Xbox Live Arena

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The eSports inspired Xbox Live Arena has just welcomed the Killer Instinct community. Going forward, competitive events for Killer Instinct will be hosted from within the Xbox Live Arena app.

Tournaments through the Xbox Live Arena

For those unaware, Xbox recently announced their unique competitive tournaments system called Xbox Live Arena. Players on Arena can sign up to competitive tournaments for their favorite games and then play head to head with some of the best players across the globe.

Xbox Live Arena originally rolled out into beta with support for just World of Tanks. But news has broke that Killer Instinct has now made it’s way to the Arena app. These new Killer Instinct Arena tournaments will include a mixture of gamer-ran events and events held by Microsoft.

This is the first time that Microsoft has allowed gamers to create their own tournaments through the Xbox Live Arena app. It’ll be interesting to see what community events for Killer Instinct will be brought to life now that such events can be supported through the Xbox Live Arena.

Arena App Development

Xbox Live Arena is still limited to Xbox Insiders. However, development for the Arena app is being pushed out quickly. So hopefully a full release to all Xbox users should be coming relatively soon.

If you register for a tournament, you’ll be notified about your upcoming games directly through the Xbox One and through the Android or iOS Xbox app. Keep an eye on your Xbox app to make sure you don’t miss out on any matches for your tournament.

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