Microsoft AI Build 2017

Microsoft Wants to Bring AI To Everyone

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You may have noticed the recent rise in AI across platforms like Windows 10, iOS, and Android over the past few years. However, Microsoft has been working on creating AI solutions for almost three decades.

At the recent Microsoft Build 2017 event, Microsoft spoke about their vision for AI in the near future. And it included a world which saw AI reach out to everybody. AI as it stands right now still has a long way to go. Though Microsoft believes it’s not far off from being able to augment everybody’s lives. Whether it’s in banking, retail, HR, marketing, or in our everyday personal lives, AI has the potential to make everybody’s life more connected, and more in touch with the data available through the cloud.

Microsoft wants to push for this AI-focused future, and they spoke about the two routes they’ll be taking to get there.

Microsoft AI for Users

Firstly, Microsoft wants to work harder on their own AI solutions. Microsoft wants to bring AI to all of their popular software solutions, as well as improving their AI for their current operating system offering. As an example, Microsoft Office now has support for AI controlled Office Researcher and PowerPoint Designer. Both of which are designed to use machine learning to create useful templates for PowerPoint and Office users.

Microsoft AI For Developers

The next route Microsoft wants to take is to offer AI to developers working on Microsoft’s platforms. Microsoft wants to use their Microsoft Cognitive Services to provide developers with different ways to gather data and use that to create curated experiences for their users.

At Microsoft Build 2017, a total of 29 different Cognitive Services were announced. That includes such services as Bing Custom Search, Custom Decision Service, Video Indexer, and much more.

There’s no doubt that Microsoft want to be at the forefront of this new AI industry. We’re interested to see where Microsoft’s efforts will take them next.

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