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Microsoft Wants To Automate The Power Grid

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Microsoft has claimed that the current power grid system is outdated. Moreover, it is less and less bend to the new electricity usage patterns that have developed in recent years. Fortunately, Microsoft has a solution and it involves machine learning, big data, and the internet of things.

The current power grid system isn’t adaptive enough to respond to peak usage. Or slow things down when high levels of power isn’t necessary. The end result is an ‘always on’ grid that supplies electric to everywhere at once, at equal levels.

Microsoft has been working on a solution to this outdated power grid system. Instead of completely reworking the system from the ground up, software will be applied to the power grid that can effectively manage utility supply and demand.

The software will be able to take usage data from the every home thanks to the new era of the internet of things. In Microsoft’s ideal future, every electricity demanding device is connected via the internet.

Everything Smart

The Smart Home would have cloud-controlled light systems, thermostats, washing appliances, and more. In the garage, a cloud-connected Smart car would be charging.

All of these devices can share their usage data to the cloud and the utility companies can then apply this data to their power grid, and adapt supply and demand based on this data. Because of the vast amount of data that will be available from smart homes across the entire grid, machine learning algorithms will be able to collect data and create adaptive profiles that can adjust necessary power output in real time.

The idea sounds dreamy, but the average home isn’t far off from being the ideal candidate for such a system.

You can learn more about it from Microsoft, or view their video for more information.

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