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Microsoft at E3 2017 – Biggest Launches

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Microsoft has had an absolute blast at E3 2017. We’ve been hit with a new console release, a huge bundle of console exclusives, and much, much more. Take a look at the highlights of Microsoft at E3 2017 below.

4K Console Release – New Xbox One X

The biggest news to hit E3 2017 from the Microsoft camp was no doubt the brand new Xbox One X console. This console was the end result of the Project Scorpio that was initially announced in 2016.

The Xbox One X is essentially an upgraded version of the original Xbox One – it has more powerful hardware and will be able to run games at higher frame rates or at higher resolution.

microsoft at e3 2017

The new Xbox One X also marks Microsoft’s entry into 4K gaming. Many games will be supported with 4K resolution at launch. All Xbox One X games will be playable on the standard Xbox One, but you’ll get far better performance on the new Xbox One X.

Xbox Original Backwards Compatibility

This was a shock move by Microsoft, but it’s been confirmed that Xbox Original backwards compatibility will be coming to the Xbox One. If you’ve still got any Xbox Original games lying around, you’ll soon be able to play them on your Xbox One.

You’ll need the original disc from your Xbox Original console to be able to play the games on your Xbox One.

Black Desert Console Launch Exclusive

Black Desert is one of the most popular MMO games currently available on the PC. It has seen critical success in Korea and has recently grown massively in the west as well, partly in thanks to it’s recent Steam platform launch.

microsoft at e3 2017

At E3 2017, it was confirmed that Black Desert Online will be coming to the Xbox One as an exclusive console launch. In other words, it won’t be coming to the PlayStation 4 or the Nintendo Switch.

Assassin’s’ Creed, BioWare Anthem, Forza Motorsport 7, and More

Microsoft showcased a number of notable titles, including cross-platform games like the new Assassin’s’ Creed, the brand new open world IP from BioWare called Anthem, and a new exclusive, Forza Motorsport 7.

What did you think of Microsoft’s show at E3 2017? Are you excited for the future of Xbox?

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