Microsoft Edge Improvements in Build 16215 Featured

Microsoft Edge Improvements in Build 16215

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In build 16215, the latest Windows update, a number of Microsoft Edge improvements have been brought to Windows 10.

Currently this build is limited for Windows Insiders as a preview build, but the build should be pushed out to all users soon.

Out of all of the new features featured in Windows Edge in the latest 16215 build, there are a number that stand out. We have highlighted the most exciting features below:

  • Pinned Websites
  • Full Screen Mode
  • Annotate Books
  • Newly Improved Microsoft Edge Splash Page
  • Improved Session Restore Feature
  • Other Tweaks and Improvements

With the Pinned Websites feature, it’s now possible to pin a website to the taskbar from within Microsoft Edge. To use this feature, users simply need to visit a web page, then click the settings button and click ‘Pin this page to the taskbar.’

With the New Full Screen Mode, users can tap the F11 key to enter full screen whilst browsing Microsoft Edge. Full screen is useful for removing other elements of the Windows 10 UI so that users can focus on the content within the browser.

With Annotate Books In Microsoft Edge, users can now annotate and highlight sections in eBooks. Tools have been added for users to underline or highlight text with four different colors, and most importantly, users can add comments to highlighted sections. These new improvements can also be used on any PDF files.

On the new Microsoft Edge Splash Page, the color between the Start and New Tab pages transitions better – it’s a very tiny tweak that has removed a lot of eye sore from the older version of Microsoft Edge.

Build 16215 for Windows 10 also added a number of other features to the Windows 10 operating system, including improvements to Cortana, and some adjustment to fluent design elements within the Windows 10 user interface.

There’s also a huge list of tweaks and bug fixes. If you would like to learn more about the new build, you can visit Window’s official blog post on build 16215 here.

Have you tried the new 16215 build for Windows 10 yet?

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