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Microsoft Introduces Controlled Folder Access

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In the latest upcoming build for Windows 10, Microsoft will be pushing out its controlled folder access feature for Windows Defender.

This new feature will help Windows 10 users to keep important data away from malicious threats.

What Is Controlled Folder Access In Windows Defender?

With controlled folder access in Windows Defender, it will finally be possible to restrict access to chosen folders within the Windows Explorer program.

Just like when a program or .exe requires administrative privileges to run, the new controlled folder access feature will force the system to request administrative access before a specified folder can be accessed.

On a computer with controlled folder access activated, when a file within a protected folder is manipulated, Windows will halt the action and will first ask the user if it’s okay for the program to make changes or gain access to your files.

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When this happens, the user will also be notified about which program is trying to access a certain file. Not only can this be useful for keeping your important data safe, but it can also be used to understand what apps are accessing your files, perhaps without your permission.

With the controlled folder access feature activated, your Pictures, Documents, Movies, and Desktop folders will all be protected by default. You will be able to add any other folders of your choice, but you will not be able to remove the default folders for security reasons.

How To Activate Controlled Folder Access

Follow the steps below to activate controlled folder access on Windows 10.

  • Open Windows Defender Security Center through the Start Menu
  • Click on ‘Virus and Threat Protection’
  • Click the toggle to turn ‘Controlled Folder Access’ on

windows 10 controlled folder access featured

The new controlled folder access is a welcomed feature for many – it’s the first of many new security features planned for Windows 10 this year. Later in the year, Microsoft plans to launch a brand new suite of security tools for individuals and more specifically, organizations, called Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection.

If you would like to learn more about the new feature on Windows 10, or would like to learn about the other features that were included in the latest build, click on the source link listed below.

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