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Microsoft Launches Open Source Smart Energy Platform

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In recent months, Microsoft has been pushing themselves into the energy industry ever so slowly, and now they have launched an open source smart energy platform that could pave the way for their future plans.

With a new open source platform that runs on Azure, Microsoft is hoping to bring a new smart-focused approach to controlling energy usage throughout homes in North America.

The concept is simple, but it’ll take some time before it could be something feasible in the average household. Essentially, Windows open source platform will be able to connect to the grid to determine when using energy would be the cheapest and the most environmentally friendly.

It will use this data to control when thermostats, dish washers, or other energy-draining household appliances get used.

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Whilst this approach from Microsoft is great for the environment and saving on your energy bills, it’s also a convenient way to manage your household more efficiently.

It’s certainly a step towards the electric and solar powered smart home of the future that many highly respected individuals in the tech industry are hoping for.

So far, the open source platform is available on GitHub. At this point, though, the platform is essentially a demo that showcases the potential the Azure cloud platform has for collecting big data and using it for the consumer’s benefit on a one-to-one basis.

To begin with, home owners will be able to use the information they are given to understand the optimal times to manually set up their IoT smart home equipment. Items such as smart thermostats or smart lighting can be set to go on or off based on the information provided from the Azure platform.

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In the future, an entire suite of apps may be able to interact with the platform automatically – users would simply need to access the Azure platform and data collected from the platform would set out automatic rules for all internet connected appliances in the home.

If you still can’t quite get your head round how such a system would work, make sure to give the video below a watch. In this video, Microsoft explains how their open source platform would be used, and how Microsoft and energy suppliers would work together to collect data from the grid.

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