Microsoft Works Tirelessly To Keep The Cloud Secure

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In a recent blog post, Microsoft laid out the hard work that goes into keeping their cloud services secure.

As a cloud user, it’s often easy to use cloud services without taking a look at the hard work and dedication that goes into the teams that support such cloud based systems. This new blog post from Microsoft was an eye opener.

Currently, Microsoft undergoes roughly 1.5 million attempts per day to breach its secure cloud servers.

These attacks could be anything from small-time phishing emails, to entities responsible for massive ransomware like the WannaCry software.

Security has always been important on a personal level, but because Microsoft keeps other people’s data stored on their cloud servers, their responsibility to provide security against these 1.5 million attacks isn’t just important, it’s absolutely critical.

Fortunately, Microsoft has a very complex security system that can learn from attacks and security threats. Each of these 1.5 million daily attacks is catalogued and data from these attacks is used to help the Microsoft cloud security grow stronger.

This almost machine-like learning has helped the security offered by services like Azure to be more safe and secure than any personal security network ever could. As a result, more people are turning to cloud services like Microsoft, despite the fact that they’re under such large attacks on a daily basis.

Microsoft Works Tirelessly To Keep The Cloud Secure

This security system uses any data it can to understand the attempts to infiltrate Microsoft’s cloud servers.

Not only can the security system then apply all of this gathered data across their own security networks, but it can also provide help and guidance to Microsoft’s customers, by giving them information on the most widely trending security attacks and how customers can avoid falling victim to them.

Microsoft’s Julia White, vice president for Azure and security, commented on the issue: “It was only a few years ago when most of my customer conversations started with, ‘I can’t go to the cloud because of security. It’s not possible.’ And now I have people, more often than not, saying, ‘I need to go to the cloud because of security.’”

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