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New DLC: Arbiter In Halo Wars 2

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If you were hoping to see the Arbiter in Halo Wars 2 anytime soon, we’ve got good news for you. A brand new DLC pack has been released for Halo Wars 2 that brings Arbiter and Spartan Jerome-092 to the table.

Big news – You can now play as the Arbiter in Halo Wars 2 if you pick up the new Arbiter leader DLC. This DLC pack unlocks the Arbiter as a leader for players across all Halo Wars 2 game modes.

With a focus on the Arbiter’s traditional notions to honor and loyalty, the Arbiter is equipped with the ‘Conduit of Rage’ ability in Halo Wars 2. This ability allows the Arbiter to give a slight healing buff to nearby ally units. The Conduit of Rage ability will also give a small speed and damage buff to those same units.

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The Arbiter in Halo Wars 2 also takes things into his own hands – he dual wields energy swords and can use the ‘Arbiter’s Rage’ ability to unleash a fury of attacks onto nearby enemy units. When you upgrade Arbiter’s skills, Arbiter’s Rage becomes Swift Fury, and Conduit of Rage becomes Conduit Incarnate.

The Arbiter also has a skill called Arbiter’s Reprisal, which can reflect damage the Arbiter takes back onto other enemies.

The Arbiter isn’t the only new leader to join the fight. On the other side of the fence, we have Spartan Jerome-092 to face off against the Arbiter in Halo Wars 2.

Spartan Jerome-092 has a number of similar abilities to the Arbiter, but they differ slightly. Firstly, Jerome has an ‘Inspire’ ability that can improve the stats of nearby allies temporarily.

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Spartan Jerome-092 can also drop down a Mantis mech. You can spend upgrade points to add an orbital barrage alongside the mech drop. Spartan Jerome-092 can also call in the Spartans of Omega Team and conduct a Field Promotion on an ally unit instantly.

Both new leaders are available separately, or alternatively you can purchase both in a single bundle. The bundle costs $9.99, whilst the cost of each separate leader is $5.99. The new DLC is available for both Xbox One and Windows 10. The pack is part of the Xbox Play Anywhere promotion, so if you purchase it on one platform, you’ll get access to it on the other platform.

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