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New Improvements To Handwriting – Windows 10

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In the latest insider preview for Windows 10, (build 16215) a number of changes have been brought to handwriting in Windows 10.

If you’re a touch screen or stylus user, these new improvements to handwriting in the latest Windows 10 update are sure to catch your attention. We’ve explained each of the new changes to handwriting in Windows 10 below.

Handwriting in Windows 10: No Writing Limits

In the latest update, there is now no limit to how many words you can write in the handwriting panel at once. Each time you lift your pen or finger off of the screen, everything that has been handwritten so far will now be converted to standard text and will be shifted to the side so that you have more room to continue writing.

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This new change also allows you to quickly edit your written words – if you’d like to change anything before pressing the commit button, you can tap on any of the converted words to remove, edit, or re-write them.

Once you’ve finished handwriting, you can press the commit button and the text will be applied to the entry field that you selected.

Handwriting in Windows 10: Easier Corrections

It’s now easier than ever to make corrections with handwriting in Windows 10. As well as being able to tap on completed words to edit them, you can also make a number of gestures to make changes to your written words.

For example, you can circle a word to remove it, put a line between two letters to create a space, or create a small semi circle between a letter and a blank space to remove the blank space.

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It’s also possible to scribble over a single letter to replace it. For example, if you accidentally wrote ‘blocking’ instead of ‘clocking,’ you can easily scribble a ‘c’ over the handwritten ‘b’ to correct your word.

Less Palm Rejection and Floating Adaptive Handwriting Window

In the latest Windows 10 update, it’s now less likely for your device to mistake your palm for your stylus or your writing finger. It’s also far easier to move the handwriting box to the position you’d like it to be in, although by default it will now float alongside the entry field you have selected.

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Learn more about the handwriting changes and other tweaks in the latest Windows 10 insider preview from the source link below.

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