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New Xbox Games As Of July 9, 2017

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Looking for new Xbox Games? We’ve got all of the biggest game releases as of July 9, 2017. Check out which games and new content has been released to the Xbox platform below.

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Pinball FX3 Coming to Xbox One and Windows 10

It’s now been confirmed that Pinball FX3 will be making its way to Xbox One and Windows 10 this summer. Pinball FX3 will be available as a digital download for both platforms.

The original Pinball FX launched as an Xbox Live Arcade title seven years ago – the demand for Pinball FX games is still strong today, so it’s great to see another sequel.

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Arbiter and Spartan-092 Jerome In New Halo Wars 2 Content

Brand new content has been brought to Halo Wars 2 in the form of two new leader packs. The first leader pack lets players control the Arbiter, whilst the second gives players the opportunity to play as red team leader Spartan-092 Jerome.

The base price for each leader is $5.99, but a bundle puts both leaders in one pack for $9.99.

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Battlerite Coming To Windows 10 and Xbox One

Battlerite is a new arena brawler game that has garnered a lot of attention recently. It’s an action-packed MOBA that puts more focus over player aim and pulling off difficult skill shots is rewarded massively.

It’s now been confirmed that Battlerite will have a release date in 2018. We’ll let you know when we hear more.

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Golf Club 2 Now Released With New Golf Societies

Golf Club is the first of the new Xbox games in this list to already be available in the Xbox Games Store.

Golf Club 2 has its custom course creator back for round 2 and support for community-ran tournaments is now available from within the game via the new Golf Societies feature.

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Robocraft Infinity Coming To Xbox One And Windows 10

Robocraft Infinity is a 4k remaster of a free-to-play arena battle game that pitted teams of 5 players against each other.

In Robocraft, players can earn currency and spend that money to create their own battlebots. The level of customization in Robocraft is incredible, so we can’t wait to see Robocraft Infinity hit Xbox in 2018.

New Game Pass Games

A number of new Xbox games have entered the monthly Xbox Games Pass subscription. You can now pay $9.99 a month to get access to Dead Island, F1 2015, and Resident Evil 6, alongside the pre-existing Game Pass games.

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