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Release of KB4012606

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There is good news for all Windows 10 users as this update brings quite a lot of nice fixes. And even though there are no new features it solves many known problems and it’s recommended to be installed. It replaces KB3210720 update and it’s cumulative. Thus if you didn’t update your Windows 10 for some time you don’t need to run all previous versions as this one covers it all.

Some of the update’s features:

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  • Addressed a known issue with KB3192440 that was rendering DFS-N mapped network drives inaccessible to members of the Administrators group when UAC and EnableLinkedConnections are enabled.
  • Addressed known issue called out in KB3210720. Users may experience delays while running 3D rendering apps with multiple monitors.
  • Addressed issue where the Active Directory Administrative Center (ADAC) crashes when attempting to modify any attribute of any user account in Active Directory.
  • Improved the reliability of .NET and Internet Explorer.
  • Addressed issue that fails to launch a Help browser window when you click the Help icon in File Explorer.
  • Addressed issue to allow wildcards in the Allowed list field for the Point and Print Restrictions Group Policy.
  • Addressed issue that reduces performance because excessive multicast Domain Name System packets are created whenever new devices are searched for, added, or removed.
  • Addressed issue that prevents clients from accessing a file server when using Server Message Block 1.0 and NT LAN Manager authentication after an upgrade.
  • Addressed issue that causes text to disappear when you resize an Internet Explorer window after changing the encoding to Hebrew.

For more information please see the official KB4012606 Windows update page

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