Robocraft Infinity Coming Exclusively to Xbox One featured

Robocraft Infinity Coming Exclusively to Xbox One

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It’s been confirmed that Robocraft Infinity is coming next year for the Xbox One. With Robocraft Infinity coming exclusively to Xbox One, players can get prepared for robot-building and ultimate destruction in 2018. The game will also launch via the Windows Store for Windows 10 PCs.

For those unaware, Robocraft Infinity is a rebooted version of the original Robocraft game. Robocraft was a free to play title that saw players building their own robots and sending them into battle against other player’s creations. The game had a 5 versus 5 battle mode as it’s main attraction.

It saw a huge surge of players during it’s first year of success, but after that, popularity for Robocraft slowly died down.

With Robocraft infinity coming exclusively to Xbox One, there’s no doubt that the game will once again pick up a sizeable playerbase.

Robocraft Infinity Coming Exclusively to Xbox One 2

The new version of Robocraft isn’t just a reboot, either – it will come with new features and an overhaul to the existing content.

To begin with, Microsoft has revealed that Robocraft Infinity will feature a brand new progression system to help players earn better tools for building better robots.

There will also be achievement support added to both the Xbox One version and the Windows 10 version. 4K visuals are in the works for the Xbox One X, too.

Robocraft Infinity will feature Xbox Play Anywhere. This means players can create their profle on either Windows 10 or the Xbox One and their progress will transfer between both platforms. All game progress and achievements will follow a player between platforms.

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The combat system is getting a rework, too, and controller support will be available for those that play on Windows 10.

More features are scheduled to be unveiled as we near closer to the release date for Robocraft Infinity. An exact release date has not yet been set, but the release window is set for Quarter 1, 2018.

To get a better idea about what to expect from Robocraft Infinity coming exclusively to Xbox One and Windows 10, take a look at the trailer posted below. For more information, make sure to check the source link posted below the video.

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