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Surface Hub Creators Update

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The new Surface Hub Creators Update has brought a number of features to turn the Surface Hub into an even more powerful tool for business and for the classroom.

Microsoft Whiteboard

The Microsoft whiteboard will be coming to users when the Surface Hub Creators Update launches later this year.

With Microsoft Whiteboard, collaboration is easy. Team members can apply ink to a universal whiteboard and see the changes they’ve made in real time.

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Not only does this prove to be useful as a presentation tool, but it allows presentations to become interaction, and idea building can be captured in real time by any team member with access to the Surface Hub or any Windows device with touch capabilities.

Better Support For Office 365

With the Surface Hub Creators Update, the support provided for Office 365 has been improved. Surface users can now sign into their Office 365 account straight from the Windows 10 welcome screen. This should make it easier for team members to access personal content on shared Surface Hubs.

There has also been an improvement in integration across the board for Office 365. One such integration improvement now makes it possible to integrate Office 365 with Microsoft Teams and give all team members access to documents through OneDrive or Microsoft Edge.

Improved Audio With Dolby And Improved Voice Calls

To make virtual meetings via the Surface Hub more realistic, Microsoft has teamed up with Dolby to improve the sound quality of video and voice calls.

Skype has also been upgraded to make it easier to set up calls, make video calls, and add others to group calls.  It’s far easier to schedule meetings to all team members via Skype now, too.

New Security Features

A number of basic security features have been included in the Surface Hub Creators Update. For example, you can now set the Surface Hub to wipe all data after each session, enable BitLocker encryption to USB ports to stop malicious attacks, and set up two-factor-authentication or mobile device management support.

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Microsoft also gave out their thanks to all Surface Hub customers, mentioning that over half of Fortune 100 companies have purchased Surface Hubs to help their teams collaborate and inspire each other. Learn more about the new changes by visiting the source link below.

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