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Tip: How To Use Windows 10 Virtual Desktops

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Learn how to use Windows 10 virtual desktops to speed up your productivity or create a split between your work and social lifestyles.

What Are Windows 10 Virtual Desktops?

Windows 10 virtual desktops are a new feature that can be used to run multiple versions of your desktop at once. By creating a virtual desktop, you’re essentially creating a new space for you to run new programs and keep your activity separate from any other running programs.

Using a Windows 10 virtual desktop can be useful for a number of scenarios.

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For example, if your Windows 10 PC is already running multiple apps and programs related to your work, but you’d like to take a break to view some entertainment, or catch up with some friends through social networks, you could create a virtual desktop to create a clean environment that is separated from your work desktop.

you can create multiple Windows 10 virtual desktops at once, so the functionality is almost limitless. You could even create multiple virtual desktops for different usage scenarios and then switch between them at any time in the future.

How To Use Windows 10 Virtual Desktops

To use Windows 10 virtual desktops, you must first learn how to use the virtual desktop shortcut. PressĀ Windows Key + TabĀ on your keyboard to bring up all of your currently opened apps and programs.

Next, click the ‘new desktop’ button found in the bottom right corner. You will have now created your very own virtual desktop!

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The next step is to learn how to use and customize your new virtual desktop. You can begin by moving apps and programs from your first desktop to your new virtual desktop.

Here’s How To Move Apps To Your New Windows 10 Virtual Desktops:

  • Press the Windows Key + Tab combo to open your Windows 10 virtual desktops overview.
  • Click to select desktop 1 – this is your default desktop.
  • Hold your right mouse down on the app you’d like to move.
  • Drag your app down into the ‘desktop 2’ section at the bottom of the screen.
  • Repeat the steps above for any other apps or programs you’d like to move between desktops.


You can access your virtual desktops, delete desktops, or switch between Windows 10 virtual desktops at any time by using the Windows Key + Tab combo.

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