Top 10 Best Screen Recording Software For Windows

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Screen recording software is helpful in many aspects. It could be used for recording solution or an issue with Windows or “How To” instructions for somebody else. There  is a great deal of software nowadays available for these needs. Below we’ve selected the 10 best screen recording apps for windows.

1. Icecream Screen Recorder (Free)

At the top of the hill is the Icecream Screen Recorder. Simple enough for the inexperienced user and at the same time having a very wide range of functions which may satisfy almost every screen recording need: recording area selection, zoom in and out, multiple audio settings, hotkeys, recording watermarks, clipboard feature, screenshot to url, history and many more. It has been available for a long time and thus will work working with former versions of Windows such as Windows 8 or Windows 7.

2. Snagit (Premium)

Second place goes to professional screen recording tool – Snagit. It is paid software and that is a major concern about it. Although, we believe it could be easily justified if you professional user. However, price looks still looks too high and that is why it is just in a second place. The major audience, as we have mentioned are professional users who needs such a features as video editing, cloud publishing and technical support. There are plenty of features and if not for the price, it would easily compete with Icecream Screen Recorder.

3. CamStudio (Free)

Simple in use open source CamStudio comes in at third place. It’s very popular due to its simplicity and at the same time it provides a wide range of screen recording powerful features for screen recording. It’s a highly robust tool. Though with a lack of support and is not so polished as some competitors, it’s extremely lean and fast and for a number of features may easily beat some “premium” category apps.

4. ActivePresenter (Free)

At the fourth place we have placed a specialised tool for recording and publishing presentation. If you are looking for a screen recording tool to create some tutorial or presentations – ActivePresenter from Atomi Systems is what you need. In addition to popular recording features, it provides ability for annotation, graphical or audio comments and many more. In addition to a free version there is a professional option which allows you to publish the result in a wide range of formats.

5. Xbox DVR

We can’t not to mention the WIndows 10 built-in screen recording option – Xbox DVR. As can be seen following from the name of the tool it is primarily developed to record gaming activity. However, we found that it is quite helpful in many other situations and keep in mind that it is always here – just press Windows Key + G and it is available for you.

6. Jing (Free)

For those who doen’t want to pay for professional apps and want to have an easy to use and simple recording tool for Windows 10 – Jing is a good alternative. It is developed by the same team who developed Snagit and is supposed to be a free and very simple alternative to it. It doesn’t have so many features as Jing and doesn’t support video editing. At the same time it’s very simple to use, is not resource intensive and  does what it is supposed to do.

7. EZVID (Free)

If you are an  avid “youtuber” or just dreaming on how to earn millions with publishing videos there – EZVID is your option. You will not find many of the popular features like video editing in EZVID. Although, as we have said it already – the main objective is to publish your videos to youtube straight away. In addition to this, it’s free, simple and easy to use.

8. Webinaria (Free & Open Source)

Webinaria is another open source screen recording tool. It doesn’t have so many features as CamStudio one, it still provides a set of must have options like hotkeys and text insertion. We didn’t find any particular issues with Webinaria. However, the main reason for its low place in our ratings is a lack of functionality in comparison to other tools. It’s free and being open source still attracts many users.

9. Camtasia Studio (Premium)

This is another product from the Snagit team – Camtasia Studio. It’s much more than a screen recording tool for Windows. Camtasi Studio is rather a professional software for video creation, editing and publishing. It has all the features available in Snagit and many more. In addition it has the ability to publish results directly into cloud services like Google drive. Why is it only ninth place? Simple – you will have to pay about $300 for a professional version. There is a trial version of Camtasia Studio. You can try it and decide if you need it or if you can use something simpler like Snagit.

10. Rylstim Screen Recorder (Free)

The last one on this list is Rylstim screen recorder tool for PC. It is super simple and there are literally just a few features to try. At the same time it attracted us with the simplicity of the interface and function – just screen recording. There is a portable version for those who don’t want to install it or needs it for one time screen recording. Just select the codec, rate and location for your file and hit “start recording” button.

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