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Top 10 epub reader for Windows 10

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The power of screen in the modern gadgets is making the traditional library settings obsolete. EBook reading is facilitated by various application software that have been tailor-made to suit this purpose. This article will highlight the best 10 Epub readers used in windows 10.

  1. Cool Reader

Among the top-ranked eBook readers, Cool Reader ranks as the highest and one of the greatest for all the readers who are looking for an easy-to-use Epub reader. This reader is the best because it has and supports many features as compared to other readers currently supported in windows 10. Some of the features supported by Cool Reader include:

  • Bookmark system
  • Support for wide range of formats like txt, doc, mobi, and HTML.

Cool Reader epub reader is not free as compared to majority of other epub readers.

Bookmark system and support for a wide range of formats like txt, doc, mobi, and HTML among others. In addition, the cool reader can be used in your PC without paying anything.

  1. Legimi

    This eReader application is highly favorable and important to the amateur readers. This is because the application has an easy to use interface that is not as complicated as compared to other epub reader applications. The application is good, especially when reading eBooks that come from an epub file format. The only concern for Legimi is that it does not support many features as compared to other epub readers.

    • Interactive user interface
    • Easy to use
  2. MoHoo Reader

    Despite being one of the most popular among Windows Phone Devices, MoHoo Reader is an application that offers one of the most satisfactory reading experiences. The most specific feature that distinguishes MoHoo Reader from other eReading applications is the capacity to support the importation of books of reading materials from various storage devices like SD Card and Sky-Drive. Some of the distinctive features in MoHoo reader include;

    • Impressive application and User interface
    • Ability to support various formats
    • Ability to import reading materials from storage devices like SD and Sky-Drive

    As a truly impressive application, MoHoo Reader is also popular for its ability to support various reading formats.

    Download MoHoo epub reader here

  3. Nook

This is the most updated eBook reader currently in the market and is also in an offer from the most popular book retailers in the world, Barnes, and Noble. In addition to having features like importing epub and PDF files, it has the capability to highlight the content being read and thereby provide a very conducive user interface. Some of the distinctive features include;

  • Ability to store reading materials like newspapers, magazines, and books
  • Highlighting content

Download Nook epub reader here

  1. Cover

Talking of the most beautiful and interactive design of an eBook reader? You must be talking about the cover. Despite it offering the best application for reading comic books, the cover is one of the best application for reading epub files in windows 10. The distinguishing feature of the cover is that;

  • Supports image-based books
  • The best for reading comic books
  • The only concern for this application is that it uses much color for decoration and thereby neglecting on the necessary and primary principle of reading.
  1. Ice-cream eBook Reader

Originating from the Icecream Apps, the epub reader is a good eBook reader because it has the capability to offer storage place for storing epub-based eBooks files and reading them in an impressive manner. Most importantly is that this is the only epub reader that can support full-screen mode and night mode enhancements. The greatest concern about Ice-cream eBook Reader is the large space of more than 14 MBs that the application requires. Some of the distinguishing features include;

  • Storage place for eBooks
  • Supports both day and night mode
  • Supports full-screen mode and thereby impressive reading
  1. Freda

One of the most important features that distinguish Freda from other epub readers is its customizability. While using this device, the reader is in a position of customizing the fonts of the texts, the size of the texts, and the color of the texts. In addition, the application can read the book to you as you listen. These are some of the important aspects that make Freda an option among the epub readers used in windows 10. One concern about this application is distractions brought about by customizing features.

  • The most distinguishing feature for Freda eBook reader is its Customizing feature that is not common to other epub reading applications.
  1. Calibre

Probably one of the best epub readers supported by windows 10, caliber lets you add more functionality to the tool and do a lot more by plugging in support devices. It has the capability of converting e-books to other suitable formats depending on the taste of the reader like txt and pdf formats. It is one of the best epub readers currently on offer in the e-book library management platform, especially for an epub reader with an Amazon Kindle. The concern about this application is that it is chargeable.

Distinguishing feature;

  • Plugging support devices
  • Converting applications that can convert eBooks to other formats
  1. OverDrive

Despite enabling users to read epub and other eBook materials, Overdrive enables users to listen to large volumes of audiobooks available on the internet. Other functions of this application include borrowing books and returning them before the deadline to avoid charges and penalties that accrue due to lateness. One can also create reading lists and wish lists among others.

Unique Feature

  • Audio eBooks
  1. Books Bazaar Reader

Finally, this application software aids in epub reading by windows 10. It is available for free download and thereby very accessible to all eBook readers. This epub reader is important because readers can access all the titles available on the internet while at the same time customizing themes on a text. It has a satisfactory user interface because it enables the epub readers to switch between day and night modes. In addition, the application helps in sharing highlighted pieces of texts from an eBook. The greatest concern is slowness brought about by the heavy size of the application.


  • Unique themes
  • Customizable themes on the text
  • Interactive user interface

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