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Top 10 Sports Games for Xbox One

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Looking for the top 10 sports games for Xbox One? We’ve got you covered. We’ve listed our favorite titles and provided descriptions for each game below.

Top 10 Sports Games for Xbox One

Before we get started – please note that many of these sports games for Xbox One are released as yearly titles. At the time of writing, these are the latest installments for each franchise.

You can either wait for next year’s installment, pick up this year’s version, or get last year’s version for cheap.

NBA 2K17

NBA 2K17 is a basketball sports game for Xbox One that lets players control their favorite stars from the NBA league. Players can also build their own teams and basketball players from scratch and fight their way to the top through career mode.

sports games for xbox one nba 2k17

NBA 2K17 has a very competitive online multiplayer mode that features player rankings and unlockable content.

Purchase NBA 2K17 for Xbox One.


FIFA is one of the most popular soccer franchises across the world. It’s the perfect game to dust off when you’ve got friends round, but it also has plenty of engaging content through the career mode and the online multiplayer.

top sports games fifa 17

FIFA 17 also features a randomized pack opening system that gives players the chance to sign the best footballers onto their own team.

Purchase FIFA 17 for Xbox One.

Pro Evolution Soccer 2017

Pro Evolution Soccer is another popular soccer franchise, but this game deals with things in a slightly different way.

top sports games for xbox one pes 2017

Many fans of both FIFA and PES have often said that Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 is the best option for those wanting to play offline, whilst FIFA 17 has better online support.

Purchase Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 for Xbox One.

Madden NFL 17

Madden NFL is the most popular American football game available today. Madden NFL has full NFL sponsorship and features all of the most popular football leagues and teams.

top sports games for xbox one madden

Players can play through the career mode with their favorite team, or try to make it big time with their very own character in story mode. The online play in Madden NFL 17 is also phenonenal.

Purchase Madden NFL 17 for Xbox One.

Rocket League

Rocket League is very different to all of the other sports games for Xbox One mentioned in this article. In Rocket League, players take control of a small vehicle and must push a ball into the opposing team’s goal. Typically, two teams of 3 go against each other.

top sports games for xbox one rocket league

Each vehicle is equipped with boosts and a jump functionality to make things even crazier. Despite it being unrealistic, Rocket League is incredibly fun and very easy to get into.

Purchase Rocket League for Xbox One.

NHL 17

NHL 17 is the official game for the NHL hockey league. It’s the 26th installment in the series and features groundbreaking graphics and player AI.

top sports games nhl 17

Players can hop in online to play against friends or battle it out against AI in the career mode.

Purchase NHL 17 for Xbox One.

Rory McIlroy PGA Tour

Rory McIlroy PGA Tour is one of the latest PGA Tour games from EA. For those unaware, it’s part of the same franchise as the Tiger Woods PGA Tour games.

top sports games for xbox one rory mcilroy

The release of Rory McIlroy PGA Tour coincided with the start of the 2015 Open Championship and features many of the golfers and courses feature in the event.

Purchase Rory McIlroy PGA Tour for Xbox One.

EA Sports UFC 2

Looking for something a bit more brutal? EA Sports UFC 2 lets you play as your favorite UFC fighters in the ring.

top sports game for xbox one ufc 2

EA Sports UFC 2 has incredible player animations, pinpoint hitboxes and great controls that the make fast-paced brawls easy to get to grips with. The game also features some of the most popular UFC champions from all over the world.

Purchase EA Sports UFC 2 for Xbox One.

WWE 2K17

WWE 2K17 is another great fighting game that’ll get you in the ring, but the circumstances are very different when compared to EA Sports UFC 2.

wwe 2k17

WWE 2K17 features ultra-realistic graphics, authentic gameplay recommended by the WWE themselves, and some of the biggest WWE and NXT superstars.

Purchase WWE 2K17 for Xbox One.


Steep is the final title in our top 10 sports games for Xbox One. Steep is a relatively new extreme sports video game developed by Ubisoft.

top sports games for xbox one steep

Steep features an open world that’s based on real life locations such as theĀ Alps and Denali. The game can be played in either third-person or third-person, and players can useĀ  skiing, wingsuit flying, snowboarding and paragliding to reach death-defying heights and glide over dangerous mountainous jumps.

Steep is mostly focused around online multiplayer, so if you’re looking for a sociable online sports game, this one is for you.

Purchase Steep for Xbox One.

Top 10 Sports Games for Xbox One – Summary

Thanks for taking the time to read through our top suggestions for sports games on the Xbox One. Which of these games are you interested in?

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