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Top 10 Windows 10S Tips: Productivity Tips & More

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Have you got your hands on the new Windows 10 S yet? If you have, you may want to try out these Windows 10 S tips to make the most out of the new operating system.

Read through the tips we have provided below.

1 – Windows 10 S Tips: Use Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge has improved considerably since it last launched with Windows 10. Whilst many of you may already have an alternative browser ready to install onto your Windows 10 S device, you should try Microsoft Edge again first.

windows 10 s tips edge

Microsoft Edge is fast, doesn’t need a high performance PC to run smoothly, and has some of the best built-in security features so that you’re always safe online.

2 РWindows 10 S Tips:  Download Any Apps You Want Through The Windows Store

One of the best Windows 10 S tips that we’d reccomend to all users is to use the Windows Store to find your favorite apps, games, books, and media. The Windows Store has quickly become the place to be for anything you could ever need.

windows 10 s tips apps

In the same way that the app store is your portal for content on your smartphone, the Windows Store will be your portal for content on Windows 10 S.

3 – Windows 10 S Tips: Use Office 365 For Your Productivity

Microsft has been working hard to make sure that the Office 365 productivity suite works smoothly on Windows 10 S. Many optimizations have been included to ensure that every piece of software available with Office 365 runs blazingly fast.

windows 10 s tips office

There are a number of alternative productivity apps available through the Windows Store, but Office 365 tops them all.

4 – Windows 10 S Tips: Use Cortana For AI Assistance

Many Windows 10 users still haven’t set up Cortana properly. One of the best tips for Windows 10 S is to set up Cortana so that she responds to your voice and can help you with your PC usage.

windows 10 s tips cortana

Cortana can do a lot to improve your productivity. Features include voice search for the web and your PC files, calendar reminders and the ability to grab information from your photos and be provided relevant information.

5 – Windows 10 S Tips: Customize Your OS With Windows Store Themes

One of the quickest ways to customize your operating system when using Windows 10 S is to browse through the available themes on the Windows Store.

windows 10 s tips themes

To browse available themes, simply open the control panel, click personalization, then click on Themes. You’ll then be able to click a link to be taken to the themes section in the Windows Store.

6 – Windows 10 S Tips: Organize Your Start Tiles For Better Navigation

Did you know that you can completely customize the tiles that appear on your Start Menu? Try moving your tiles back and forth and drag programs or files onto the menu to create new tiles.

windows 10 s tips tiles

Right click each tile to get options for resizing and pinning, and drag tiles into each other to create a tile folder.

7 – Windows 10 S Tips: Use OneDrive Files On-Demand For Quick Cloud Access

OneDrive On-Demand is a new feature available within the OneDrive cloud storage app from Microsoft. With Files On-Demand switched on, it’s possible to see all of your available files from within Windows Explorer.

windows 10 s tips onedrive

You can click on each file to download it to your device and set up syncing within the OneDrive app so that all of your local files are always available via the cloud.

8 – Windows 10 S Tips: Use Night Light To Help With Late Night Usage

With Night Light, your screen will be dimmed at set times to reduce the blue light on your display. This will stop your PC from keeping you up at night.

windows 10 s tips night light

To enable Night Light, simply open the Windows Start Menu and search for ‘Night Light’ and click on the option that appears.

9 – Windows 10 S Tips: Download Paint 3D For A Redesigned Paint Experience

For many years, the go-to image editing tool for Windows users has been Paint. Unfortunately, Paint lags behind other software like GIMP and Photoshop. With Windows 10 and Windows 10 S, Paint 3D is available for free.

windows 10 s tips paint 3d

Paint 3D is an upgraded version of Paint with new tools, better image editing abilities and features more in-line with Photoshop. You can even use it to create 3D images. The app also has a redesigned UI which makes it far easier to navigate each feature.

10 – Windows 10 S Tips: Speed Up Login Times With Windows Hello

Windows Hello is a feature that can be used to speed up your login times. With Windows Hello, your PC will wake up and sign you in if it recognizes your face in front of your device. You’ll need a device with a webcam for this feature to work and it must be set up first.

windows 10 s tips hello

To set up Windows Hello, type ‘Windows Hello’ into the Start Menu and then click on the ‘Set up face sign-in option.’ You’ll then need to go through the options on the next page to set up Windows Hello.

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