Top 5 Windows 10 Apps For Travel

Top 5 Windows 10 Travel Apps

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Whether you’re a frequent traveler, or simply interested in traveling anytime soon, our list below consisting of the top five Windows 10 apps for travel and travelers should be of huge help to you.

1. My Trips

1st Windows 10 Travel App - my-trips
1st Windows 10 Travel App – my-trips

With My Trips, you can take all of your plans with you as you travel. So long as you have a Windows 10 – Windows 8.1 is also supported – PC or mobile device with you.

Frequent flyers will definitely find the app and its Live Tile feature very useful. It’s also pretty robust and can show you a list of all your upcoming trips and flights, including lodging, car rentals, and other relevant travel plan information. However, what’s perhaps the most important feature of My Trips is that it also works offline.

With My Trips, you no longer have to worry about connecting to the internet just to access your itinerary.
The app also features a snapped view, which allows you to view your trip and work on something else at once.

2. TripAdvisor

2nd Windows 10 Travel App - TripAdvisor
2nd Windows 10 Travel App – TripAdvisor

Anyone who’s ever looked up a tourist spot, or at least a hotel, has probably browsed through TripAdvisor and read the many user reviews found on the site.

Vivid and detailed enough to help make you decide if the place is well worth the money, the reviews alone warrant TripAdvisor’s on this list. But, the TripAdvisor app actually features so much more.

While the user uploaded reviews and content remain the most important part, TripAdvisor has since been updated and now lets you book flights, hotels, and tours from their app.

TripAdvisor is available for download free at the Windows Store.

3. neuTravel Companion

3rd Windows 10 Travel App - Companion
3rd Windows 10 Travel App – Companion

Featuring a modern UI with a retro 1940’s look and feel, the neuTravel companion app is one of the most complete travel apps available on the Windows Store.
The app has almost everything you’ll need when traveling to a foreign land. This includes helping you schedule your activities, keep track of your reservations, translate languages, convert currencies, plan routes and directions, and snap photos. The app can even play you music as you hop from one tourist spot to another. Well, it even plays the country’s specific music if you want.

4. Skyscanner

4th Windows 10 Travel App - Skyscanner
4th Windows 10 Travel App – Skyscanner

Being that traveling by plane is the transportation of choice for most people, the process of booking a flight could stand to be made easier. Hence, the Skyscanner.

Thanks to the app’s algorithm that searches a database of thousands of airlines and picks out the cheapest. The app is arguably the best and fastest way to find the cheapest flight between any two destinations.

Be warned, though, the app is not perfect. While it is not Skyscanner’s fault, many of its partner websites have rather shady policies when it comes to cancellation. A small price to pay for huge savings, but still well worth mentioning.

In any case, make sure that you read everything first, including the fine print, before booking a flight.

The Skyscanner app is available free on the Windows Store.

5. 4th at Square

5th Windows 10 Travel App - 4th square
5th Windows 10 Travel App – 4th square

In case you’re wondering, 4th at Square is simply Foursquare but for Windows phones and PCs.
In a way, the app is an attempt to blend social media and gaming. You can earn virtual points by checking into as many locations as you can. However, as fun as racking up points may sound, the best part about 4th at Square is that it lists basic information about different locations, such as restaurants and attractions around the globe.

For example, you can type in the word “exotic food” and you’ll be presented a list of all establishments that offer such types of food on their menu.

Basically, you get 4th at square to supplement what the other four apps listed above can’t give you.

Other Honorable Travel Apps:

Uber – Perhaps it is the most important travel app there. The only reason why Uber misses out on our list is because it’s pretty much a given already.

Railways Enquiry – Railways Enquiry, as the name suggests, offers you information on just about anything you’ll need to travel by train. This includes train schedules, fares, availability, and station details. It also displays your train routes to help prevent you from getting lost and not knowing where you are.

Museums of the World – This is a must-have app for anyone traveling abroad who’s also interested in culture. Updated daily, the app offers a sneak peak of the many museums found all over the world and can help you set up your itinerary. The app also features vital information about the museums, such as opening and closing hours, entry fee, etc. The app also works in conjunction with both Bing maps and GPS. So you definitely won’t have a hard time locating any of the art establishments you plan on visiting.

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