Top 7 Android Emulators for Windows

Top 7 Android Emulators for Windows

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Android Emulators for Windows 10 and other versions became popular few years ago and currently are heavily used. There are many versions available and sometimes users have more than one android emulator on their Windows 10. We have chosen best 7 android emulators with particular “pros and cons”.

Top #1 Android Emulators for Windows – Droid4X

Droid4X is currently the best free option out there in terms of features and performance. It’s relatively new though but already has some updates and promises to have a good future. One of the distinctive feature is it’s availability of add-ons which boost additional power into this great tool. As many others simulators it comes pre-rooted and has google play store preinstalled. The other great feature, which helped it to sit at the top of the rating, is availability of the phone app which you can use as a controller.

Droid4x Android Emulator Windows

Download Droid4X from here

#2 – KoPlayer

KoPlayer is a relatively recent addition to the Android emulators’ line with a main focus on gaming. Thus it has the ability to record and publish gaming sessions straight from emulator. As it is designed primarily for gaming it has an option to map your keyboard to emulate a controller. Another nice feature is that it supports running multiple accounts at the same time and its support of HD resolution. After all, it’s free and a very nice option although it’s quite greedy to PC resources.

Koplayer Android Emulator Windows 10

Download KoPlayer from here

#3 – Remix OS Player

This one is very nice and easy to install Android emulator. It comes with Marshmallow version of Android, which gives it an extra point, as most of the other Android emulators currently (at the time of this review writing) are running Lollipop or KitKat version. It comes with multiple nice features and is not too resource intensive. However, it doesn’t support AMD processors and we found it a bit less stable than other, so thus only third place.

Remix OS Player Android Emulator Windows 10

Download Remix OS Player from here

#4 – MEmu

As many others, quite easy to install and is full of nice features, though nothing which would really distinct it from others. It supports AMD processors, which is quite rare. However, what is really good about Memu is its performance – it’s quite light in terms of the RAM and quite stable in comparison to others. Most of the stuff will run on it and if you need light and easy emulator, it’s probably the right choice.

MEmu Android Emulator Windows 10

Download MEmu from here

#5 – Nox

Is another Android emulator for gamers. It has lots of nice features, like ability to add controller or joystick , support of macros creation, full screen and etc. It’s quite stable and pretty fast. It might be one of the best currently available Android emulators for gamers. At the same time, this brought it just the fifth place as we found it too specific for gaming only. Thus if you are looking for an Android player for gaming only – Nox is your option.

Nox Android Emulator Windows

Download Nox from here

#6 – Windroy

This one is one of the oldest versions of Android emulators. It doesn’t have any specifics in a feature set and rather an emulator for any need, though is not recommended for gaming. At the same time, what makes it still distinct among others is it has a very nice performance and light weight of design, which is again – good for performance. It would benefit from an update, though still find its place in the rating.

Windroy Android Emulator Windows 10

Download Windroy from here

#7 – Andyroid – Andy OS

This emulator is really for all needs although with a slight bias to gaming. We didn’t find any specific features and found it rather similar to other emulators like support of the phone to control the game (as in Droid4X) , runs on VirtualBox and etc. Its neither good nor bad option to choose, though we found it to be light weight in terms of resources, it wasn’t stable enough to get a higher rank. At the same time we didn’t found anything bad in particular which would prevent us from this rating inclusion.

Andyroid Android Emulator Windows

Download Andy OS from here

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