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Top 7 To Do Apps For Windows 10

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From that proposal you promised to email, to picking up the laundry and planning your long-awaited holiday trip, trying to remember everything can be too much at times.

But, what if I told you that you don’t necessarily have to do that anymore?

The fact is, there are plenty of apps for Windows 10 that will gladly help you get on top of everything you need to take care of and make the most out of your day.

Below you’ll find seven of the best to do apps for Windows 10 that you should absolutely check out:


To Do Apps For Windows 10
Microsoft Store

First up on our list is Wunderlist, a versatile app that you can use for something as simple as your grocery list, or something as complex as planning your company’s next big project.

The app lays out every bit of information on a clean, simple interface, and allows you to add everything, from reminders to images and even documents.

As an added bonus, you can use Cortana to make list management even easier.

Cost: The basic app comes free. The Pro version, which comes with additional features such as adding an unlimited number of tasks and subtasks, as well as attaching files of any size, will set you back for $4.99 a month or $49.99 a year.


To Do Apps For Windows 10
Microsoft Store

Todoist blends a simple design with a number of useful features that will help you stay on top of everything you need to do. The app simplifies setting up and managing lists and allows you to share them with other people, as well as set reminders and deadlines to make sure you don’t forget.

What sets Todoist apart is that it works well with other online services and also has its own smartwatch app.

For extra motivation, the app also has a “Karma” feature that awards you with points for every task you check off your list.

Cost: The key features come free.  For power users, a premium option is also available. For $28.99 a year, you get a number of additional features, such as the ability to upload files, photos, and audio files, productivity tracking and charts, and automatic backups, just to name a few.

Google Keep / EasyNotes For Keep

To Do Apps For Windows 10
Microsoft Store

Google Keep, otherwise known as EasyNotes For Keep on the Windows 10 store, works similarly to OneNote or EverNote.

You can add notes, add reminders, set deadlines and set weekly, daily, monthly and annual reminders for certain events. You can also use the app to create custom schedules to repeat certain events only on specific days of the week or month or year, which is great if you like creating long-term schedules.

Advanced scheduling features aside, you can also share your list with other users and customize it even further by adding colors or images.

For better organization, you can also pin important reminders and assign different labels to each one.

Google Keep may not be as sleek looking as the other apps on this list, but it gets the job done, and more importantly, it works across multiple devices.

Cost: Free. The catch? The Windows 10 version of the app (EasyNotes For Keep) is ad-sponsored.

Remember The Milk / QuickMilk

To Do Apps For Windows 10
Microsoft Store

Remember The Milk is another to-do app available for most major platforms where you can add tasks, create lists and assign tags to each one for easy organization.

Using the application, you can add start dates, designate times, differentiate certain tasks by setting priorities and adding locations, as well as postpone certain tasks and change their due dates. Sharing with others is also supported.

Cost: The base app comes free. However, if you want support for offline use, subtasks, unlimited sharing, advanced sorting, synchronization with Microsoft Outlook, and unlimited storage, you’ll have to pay for the premium version, which costs $39.99 per year.


To Do Apps For Windows 10
Microsoft Store

Evernote is arguably the most feature-filled to-do on the market today.probably the most feature-filled to-do app on this list

Need something to clip images out of web pages? Check.

Need to scan something, such as a business card or handwritten notes? Check.

Need something that can sync every one of your lists and ideas between your phone, tablet, computer and every electronic device in between? Check.

Evernote is so robust that the wealth of choice leaves first-time users confused on what they should do first.

So, you may wonder, why isn’t it something that we’d recommend outright?

For starters, many of the app’s features don’t exactly run smoothly on older and slower devices. The cost also plays an important role.

Offering limited features on the app’s free version, forcing you to pay $3.99 a month just to get the full experience. That ultimately is why it loses ground to the other apps above that do not need to cripple their freemium apps to “force” people to pay for the premium version.

Cost: Free. However, using the free version is an exercise in futility. Pay for it, however, and you’ll get a well-designed, comprehensive app that’s well supported by its developers.

Get It Done

To Do Apps For Windows 10
Microsoft Store

Get It Done is a universal app with a simple design and comes with the absolute bare basics as far as task management goes.

Using the app, you can create new lists and add tasks to them, as well as add tags to each one to make it easier for you to organize them.

Unfortunately, the app doesn’t offer much else beyond that.

Cost: The basic app is available for free. For a more robust, feature-filled version, which includes support for repeating tasks and cloud storage, just to name a few, you’ll have to pay an additional fee of $39 a year.

Microsoft To-Do


Speaking of basic to-do apps, Microsoft To-Do is a brand new application from Microsoft that offers fairly basic features topped off with a sleek user interface.

You can use the app to create new tasks, set reminders, and deadlines, as well as add notes for each task. You may also use the app to set certain tasks to repeat and even set a custom repeating schedule for each one. The app also lets you sort your tasks into different lists and moving between task is very easy and smooth.

The app also features customization options for your lists. Apart from the name, you can also change the background of each list to make it easier for you to set them apart.

As an added bonus, Microsoft To-Do lets you import your lists from other applications, including Todoist and Wunderlist.

As of the moment, however, you can’t share tasks and lists with other users, nor is file sharing and adding subtasks supported. The lack of notifications via email or text is also a big let-down.

If you can live with the lack of features, though, we highly recommend that you try out the Microsoft To-Do app.

Which App Is Right For You?

All the to do apps for Windows 10 listed here offer all the features you’d need to help you set your priorities straight and manage your days right. They all offer a clean design, are easy to use, and all work across multiple platforms.

It’s best that you try each of these to do apps for Windows 10 yourself to see which one works best with your lifestyle.

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