Best 8 Clipboard Managers For Windows 10

Top 8 best Clipboard managers for Windows 10

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Whenever we use our computer for work, we tend to use the copy-paste or cut-paste function a lot. And why shouldn’t we? After all, these features were created to make our lives easier. However, there is a way to improve these existing features by using a clipboard manager. So, if you are interested in getting a new app for your Windows 10, here are the top Clipboard manager apps that you can use.

1. ClipboardFusion

1. Best Clipboard Managers For Windows 10 - ClipboardFusion
1. Best Clipboard Managers For Windows 10 – ClipboardFusion

If you are copying text from one application to another then ClipboardFusion can really come in handy. It has a feature that removes formatting whenever you copy text that includes HTML and whitespace tags. It also has a text replace feature and it can give you a preview if you want to copy image or HTML colour codes, which comes in handy for web design.

2. Ditto

2. Best Clipboard Managers For Windows 10 - Ditto
2. Best Clipboard Managers For Windows 10 – Ditto

Ditto has a user-friendly interface and it keeps track of all of your recently copied data. This gives you more options for copying and this app also uses an SQLite database. It allows you to keep multiple computer’s clipboards in sync.

3. ClipCube

3. Best Clipboard Managers For Windows 10 - ClipCube
3. Best Clipboard Managers For Windows 10 – ClipCube

It has a visually appealing interface and it also serves as a notetaking app. It is simple to use and you can edit your previous entries. The only thing it lacks is a search feature, but it will still do a great job as a clipboard manager.

4. Ethervane Echo

4. Ethervane-Echo
4. Ethervane-Echo

Even though this tool comes with an in-built search feature, it is still the oldest clipboard manager on this list. And as such lacks some of the more recent options that other entries here have. However, it does have advanced filters that help you sort your clipboard history, which is good for having your data neatly organized.

5. ShapeShifter

5. ShapeShifter
5. ShapeShifter

This is regarded as more of a clipboard extender than a management tool, since it only extends the functionality of your existing clipboard. It also allows you to browse your history of entries and to copy them. This tool lacks a search feature as well, which is basically its only flaw.


6. has all of the same features as other clipboard managers. However it also supports image files, which makes it more versatile. It does however, lack a quick paste feature, but it still helps you organize your history, and with its search feature it is quite easy to use.

7. ArsClip

7. ArsClip
7. ArsClip

It is another free clipboard software tool that does have a quick paste feature. You can easily find what you need in the archived data. There is a search feature as well, but you will need some time to find it, considering how it is not in the Quick Paste window.

8. PhraseExpress

8. PhraseExpress
8. PhraseExpress

This is known as a text completion application, but it can also function as a clipboard manager. For those who need to expand their writing, this app will be incredibly handy. For example, if you write the same lines multiple times, the text expander feature generates predetermined text, and helps you write faster this way.

These were some of the best clipboard software tools for Windows 10, and hopefully you will find a suitable improvement for your clipboard here.

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