Using Safe Mode And Clean Boot With Windows 10

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Many things can go wrong with Windows 10, and when it happens, it can be very frightening. However, if you learn how to fix issues whenever they go wrong, you’ll no longer need to worry. In this guide, we’ll explain to you how you can boot into safe mode to get around any issues you’re currently dealing with.

First, you’ll need to have an Installation Media, usually a CD or DVD disk, but you could also use a USB stick. Stick that media into your PC and reboot. Most PC’s will boot using that media once inserted, if not, you will need to adjust the BIOS settings to boot from the installation media.

You can also try to boot into Windows at least three times, that should trigger Windows to try to automatically enter the safe mode during boot. If you don’t have installation media such as a bootable USB or CD, and can not enter the safe mode by using that reboot trick, please refer to this knowledge base article.

Note: You could also use an open source bootable USB package, like Kalilinux, to get the PC running and then mount the disks to save your files, before reinstalling a fresh Windows.

Once you have booted up Windows into Safe Mode, you will need to adjust the boot parameters to find out which application is causing your Windows to have problems.

Type “msconfig” into the search box to find the System Configuration tool. Open the Startup tab and check which applications are launching at the time of startup. Disable any unneeded ones and try to reboot again.

For more information, please refer to this article.

Finally, it is a good habit to have a recent backup of the whole system available at all times. This way, if something goes wrong, you can install a backup and you’ll be back to using a working version of Windows.


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