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How to Watch 360° Videos on Windows 10

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With the new creators update, it is now possible to Watch 360° Videos on Windows 10. In this guide, we explain how you can access the new 360° content from within the new Windows 10 creators update.

To get started, first open the Start Menu then search for ‘Movies & TV.’ Open the app that appears.

In the Movies & TV app, click the option for 360° videos. You’ll now have access to a number of videos that feature 360° content. Click on a video of your choice to start playing it.


When the video starts playing, click and hold your left mouse button down to activate camera movement. With the mouse button held down, drag your mouse around to move the camera and look around in 360 degrees.

That’s it! That’s all it takes to watch 360° videos on Windows 10. If you’re on a tablet or a smartphone, you can physically move the phone around to move the 360° camera accordingly. Alternatively, you can use your fingers on the touch screen to control the camera.

Whilst the Windows 10 Movies & TV app does have a selection of 360° videos to watch, it’s not the only place that offers such technology. Many Youtube content creators have created their own 360 degree videos as well.

With a 360 degree Youtube video, you must first click on the video to send it into full screen. Once you are in full screen, you can use your mouse to move the camera, just like you would with a Windows 10 360 degree video. Once you’ve learned how to watch 360° videos on Windows 10, you’ll find it easy to watch 360° videos anywhere else on the internet.

You can also purchase a VR headset for your smartphone and then watch 360° videos from within the headset. With this setup, the camera will move as your head moves, giving the illusion that you are actually right there in the middle of the action.

What are your thoughts on 360° videos? Do you think they’re a technology that’s going to catch on, or are they a silly gimmick that’ll soon die down and lose attention?

Learn more about 360° videos on Windows 10 by visiting the source link provided below.

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