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What’s New in Build 16226 For Windows 10?

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The insider preview for build 16226 for Windows 10 has now been released and Microsoft has published a new blog post to outline the changes in the latest build.

We’ve gone through the blog post to highlight and describe some of the best parts of the new build.

Build 16226 for Windows 10: New Microsoft Edge Features

Microsoft Edge has received a number of new features in the latest build.

To begin with, Microsoft Edge now has even more support for it’s built-in EPUB reader. One of the biggest additional EPUB features now makes it possible to copy text and ask Cortana about it and get an answer within seconds.

You can now add notes over the top of your EPUB files – this is useful for when you’d like to make notes on different paragraphs or pages but want to keep them as a separate entity.

Books will now be synced to your Windows account, so you’ll be able to read, add notes, and access your EPUB files from any Windows 10 device without losing any progress.

Build 16226 for Windows 10: Big Emoji Update

Windows 10 has received a big emoji update with the latest build. The artwork for the majority of the emojis has been revised and Microsoft has made it easier for users to submit emojis into text fields.

You can now press Win Key + (.) period to open a pop-up emoji selection tool.

Build 16226 for Windows 10: OneDrive Files On Demand

OneDrive Files On Demand is a relatively new feature for Windows 10 that makes it easy to access files from the cloud straight from your desktop. You’ll no longer need to use a standalone app or visit the OneDrive website.

Instead, you can use OneDrive Files On Demand tool to quickly access or download files from your OneDrive account.

Build 16226 for Windows 10: Keyboard Improvements

This update also saw a number of additions to the Windows 10 on-screen keyboard. Text correction has improved and more options for predicting phrases and sentences have been implemented.

Microsoft has also added a number of improvements to the touch screen handwriting tool built into Windows 10.

Check the full details for build 16226 for Windows 10 by following the link in the source below.

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