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Windows 10 Cortana Improvements with Build 16215

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Have you tried the new Windows 10 Build 16215 yet? This build is currently limited to Windows Insiders, but it should be coming to everybody soon.

In Build 16215, a number of improvements have been brought to the Windows 10 operating system, including some much needed changes to Cortana.

In Build 16215, Microsoft has started to roll out a feature that will allow Cortana to create reminders based on photos or page bookmarks of event information.

For example, if you take a photo of an event photo, Cortana will be able to use visual intelligence to create a reminder based upon the information that’s provided in the image.

Windows 10 Cortana

To enable this feature, you’ll need to activate the Cortana Camera Roll Insights feature. First, you must sign into your Microsoft account, then go to Settings, then Cortana, then Permissions & History.

Next, you must click “Manage the information Cortana can access from this device”. After this, it will start to grab any information from photos in your camera roll and will intelligently create reminders from the information it can gather.

In Build 16215, Cortana also has access to a new tool called ‘Cortana Lasso.’ With this, pen users will be able to work with Cortana to keep track of information.

Users can circle any important information with their pen and Cortana will take that information and will suggest a number of follow-up actions through a context menu.

Windows 10 Cortana

You’ll need to set up Cortana Lasso to activate when using the Press and hold feature on your pen. For this, open the Settings app, then click Device.