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Windows 10 Fall Creators Update Unveiled

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During Microsoft Build 2017 last month, the next Windows 10 Fall Creators update was announced. The brand new update is set to hit Windows later this year and we now have plenty of new information about what the new update will feature.

Windows 10 Fall Creators Update Summary

Here’s a quick rundown of the highlights we can expect from the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update:

Windows Story Remix

Windows Story Remix is a brand new app that has been added to the Windows Store in anticipation for the upcoming Windows 10 Fall creators update.

With Windows Story Remix, AI and deep learning algorithms will flick through your photos and videos to transform into their own self-contained stories.

Windows Story Remix can even add sounds, music, and transitions to these stories to bring them to life.

Microsoft Fluent Design System

With the internet of things growing, and the variety of device types, sizes, and platforms that are used across the globe, trying to develop an app or website for a global audience can be difficult.

The new Microsoft Fluent Design System has been developed to help solve this problem for Microsoft’s range of products.

The Microsoft Fluent Design System has been designed to make it easy and stress-free to move between different Microsoft platforms.

The entire Windows UI will be integrated into one harmonious experience that makes it effortless to go from one device to another.

Microsoft Graph

Microsoft Graph has been designed to take the harmonious nature of the future of Windows to all operating systems.

With Microsoft Graph, those that use Microsoft apps between Windows, iOS, or Android, will be able to transition between devices easier.

Microsoft Graph also works as a great productivity tool for working on a single platform.

For example, it will a Timeline feature that allows users to go back in the past and access the content they’ve previously worked on, in reverse chronilogical order.

More Apps To The Windows Store

The Windows Store will be getting more love in the Windows 10 Fall creators update. More apps and programs will be added to the store, and developers will find it easier to get themselves in the store too.

The Windows Store will also be welcoming a number of popular apps to the ecosystem after following the Windows S announcement.

The following apps will be included:

  • iTunes
  • Autodesk
  • SAP Digital Boardroom

Are you excited for the upcoming Windows 10 Fall creators update? Which of these features excites you the most?

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