Windows 10 Fluent Design Elements with Build 16215

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Windows 10 Insider members have now been given access to build 16215 for PC. This new build adds a number of changes to Cortana, Microsoft Edge, and new elements of Fluent Design to the Windows 10 operating system.

The Fluent Design System was originally announced at Microsoft Build 2017 – it was outlined as a solution to the wide range of devices we now all use to connect with the internet through.

In simple terms, the Fluent Design System is a universal interface that Microsoft is working on bringing to all of its internet-connected devices.

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In Windows 10 build 16215, a number of new design elements have been introduced in preparation for the Fluent Design System. These new changes include a redesigned UI for the Start menu and for the Action Center.

Start Menu Improvements In Build 16215

The new Start Menu improvements include a range of new resizing options, as well as a new acrylic design for anybody that’s using the transparency feature on their Start menu.

The new Start Menu improvements have been outlined below:

  • Acrylic: If you have transparency enabled for Start, you’ll notice it’s now been updated to use the new acrylic design.
  • Vertical resize: No more glitches at the bottom of the frame.
  • Horizontal resize: The frame now starts resizing horizontally immediately (like vertical resize), as opposed to only “snapping” to certain widths.
  • Diagonal resize: The frame can be resized diagonally!
  • Resize grips: It’s now easier to “grip” the edge of the frame to start resizing.
  • Tablet mode transition: Smoother transition into tablet mode.


Action Center Improvements In Build 16215

The Action Center has also had a UI overhaul in Build 16215. In the latest build for Windows 10, Microsoft has taken user feedback in consideration to create an Action Center that’s far easier to read.

The new Action Center design has separated notifications between apps to make it easier to determine where each notification is coming from.

Elements from the Fluent Design System, including the acrylic feature have also been added.

Customization options for the Action Center can be found under Notifications & Actions, which is within the System panel in the Settings menu.

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