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Windows 10 Tip: Windows 10 PC Game Mode

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Microsoft recently added a new Windows 10 PC game mode to its latest operating system update. You can use the PC game mode to get the very most out of your computer, boost frames, and increase performance whilst playing games.

Enabling Windows 10 PC Game Mode

Let’s take a look at how you can enable it on Windows 10 PC.

First, you need to pull up the game bar. Press Windows + G to open the Game bar.

Windows 10 Game Bar
Windows 10 Game Bar

Next, check the checkbox to enable Game Mode in the game you’re currently playing. It’s important to only follow this step when you’re already in-game.

Windows 10 Game Bar
Windows 10 Game Bar Configuration

If you ever want to disable the feature again, simply open the Game bar with Windows + G. Then click the settings button again and uncheck the Game Mode feature.

This particular Game Mode feature stops apps from running in the background when a game is being played. This means the system resources will be dedicated to running the game. It’s a similar system that has been used on the Xbox One and other consoles. And it’s now finally available on Windows 10.

To get the full performance boost for using Game Mode, we’d also suggest turning off the Game DVR and recording feature from the Game Mode settings menu.

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