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Windows 10 Tip: Night Light for Better Sleep

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Windows 10 Night Light was introduced to Windows 10 in a recent update. The new feature can dim your display and remove blue light to help you sleep at night.

If you’re working late at night, a feature like Windows 10 Night Light can help to stop the display keeping you awake once you get to bed. There have been many similar programs released for Windows 10 in the past, but this is the first time Windows has included it directly within the operating system.

Let’s take a look at how Windows 10 Night Light can be activated below.

Windows 10 Night Light – How To Activate

To activate Windows 10 Night Light, follow the steps we have provided below.

  • Open the Settings menu on Windows 10 by pressing the Windows Key + I
  • Click on the ‘System’ option
  • On the left side panel, click on the ‘Display’ option
  • Click the toggle to turn Windows 10 Night Light on

By default, Windows 10 Night Light will now switch on when it hits 9PM. You can adjust settings of Night Light, such as the time it switches on, by following the steps listed below.

  • Open Settings with Windows Key + I
  • Click on System < Display just like before
  • Underneath the Night Light toggle, click ‘Night Light settings’
  • You’ll now have access to a number of different options. Each option has been explained below

Turn On Now

Click this button to turn on Windows 10 Night Light immediately. Click it again to turn it off.

Color Temperature at night

Use this slider to adjust the color temperature when Night Light is switched on. If you have a particularly bright display, moving it towards the left side may help.

Schedule Night Light

First, click the toggle to turn the Night Light scheduler on. Next, use the ‘Set hours’ section to choose when Night Light turns on and off.

Alternatively, you can enable location services and then choose the scheduler to be based upon your local sunrise and sunset times.

This adaptive feature will mean that Windows 10 Night Light will always switch on as soon as the sun sets, and will switch off when the sun rises.

Windows 10 Night Light – Why It Works

Every display has a level of blue light – this is the specific type of light that our bodies use to let us know whether it’s night time or day time. By blasting more blue light into our eyes via our computer monitor, our minds are tricked into thinking we should stay awake.

Windows 10 Night Light is designed to remove blue light by adding a red hue to the display.

Source: Microsoft

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