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Microsoft seems intent on disrupting the market and being a key player for both iOS and Android devices.

Where users had a hard time getting things done or picking up where they left off across multiple devices, the Microsoft Graph aims to connect everything within the Microsoft Cloud to make sure that everything flows seamlessly across Windows, iOS, and Android devices.

The new features, which arrived with the Fall Creators Update, will leverage both the new Fluent Design System and the intelligence of the Microsoft Graph.

A Seamless Experience Across Multiple Devices

  • The addition of Timeline in Windows 10 allows users to “jump back in time”. Users can find exactly what they were doing on a certain date. There is a visual timeline displays which shows what users were working on and when. It allows them to hop back into the scheme of things without really much of a hassle.
  • Additionally, users are now able to log off their PCs and have whatever they were editing pop up on their iOS, and Android devices. Working-on-the-go has never been so convenient. See also Top 7 Android Emulators Windows
  • Thanks to Microsoft Cloud, the good ol’ Clipboard now works across all connected devices. And it doesn’t matter whether it be a Windows PC, or an Android or iOS device. This means that you can now copy and paste anything into whatever you want wherever you want to.
  • Users will also be able to access all their files in the cloud without having to sacrifice storage space on their devices. Online files are now listed in File Explorer and can be accessed whenever necessary.

Click here for more information about Microsoft’s Fall Creators Update.

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