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Windows Hello Biometric Ring Revealed

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Microsoft has teamed up with secure ring creator Token to create a Windows Hello biometric ring. This ring is designed to sit on your finger and replace the traditional password.

Learn more about how this ring works, what it can be used for, and how much it’ll set you back.

What Is Windows Hello?

Before we get into the exciting stuff, let’s first take a look at Microsoft’s Windows Hello feature built into Windows 10.

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Windows Hello is a unique feature in Windows 10 that allows users to log in by showing their face to their webcam. Once setup, Windows Hello can speed up login times considerably, whilst removing the potential security risk related to using your hardware keyboard to type in a password.

With Windows Hello, the computer will only be unlocked when the computer’s owner is sitting in front of the screen.

What Is The Windows Hello Biometric Ring?

Previously, the Windows Hello feature would require a Windows Hello compatible webcam. However, Microsoft has now teamed up with Token to offer a physical alternative.

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The Windows Hello biometric ring is a physical ring that Windows 10 users can wear to replace their password or the facial recognition built into Windows Hello.

Once the Windows Hello biometric ring is set up, all you need to do is wear the ring and give your PC or laptop two gentle knocks to unlock it.

How Does The Ring Work?

You may be wondering how the biometric ring works to connect to your PC, and what levels of security are in place so that it doesn’t get into the wrong hands.

The Token ring uses a number of technologies;

Firstly, the Token ring uses a fingerprint scanner to verify the identity of the person that wears it. This means that it cannot be stolen and used to log into your computer.

The Token ring also has NFC and Bluetooth to connect to other devices – with these two technologies, the Token ring can be used to replace passwords, car keys, smart door keys, and even your debit and credit cards.

Token is currently running a pre-sale for the Token ring – it will set you back $249 for the base model. You can add either the CarLock or DoorLock feature for $100, and the second of these features for $50, bringing the total to $399. There are also Black Rhodium and 14K Rose Gold finishes for an extra $50.

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