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Windows Mixed Reality – Motion Controllers

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Windows Mixed Reality is finally on it’s way. After an announcement at Microsoft Build 2017, it’s been confirmed that Mixed Reality will be brought to Windows alongside the upcoming Windows 10 Fall creators update.

Microsoft has unveiled two Mixed Reality headset dev kits in partnership with Acer and HP.

A First Look At Windows Mixed Reality In 2017

The first headset from HP is available for $329, whilst the Acer headset is on sale for $299. Delivery will start later this summer.

Microsoft also announced their Mixed Reality motion controllers – the new controllers are handheld and will track motion, which developers can translate into hand movement in video games or other interactive experiences.

The new motion controllers will communicate with the headsets directly to create accurate movement within a headset user’s field of view.

Unlike other virtual reality kits out there, which require full room sensor setups, the sensors on the new Microsoft motion controllers have been built into the controllers themselves.

The new controllers come in pairs – one for each hand. The controller consists of a grip for holding onto, a joystick and a trackpad-like button at the top of the grip, and extra buttons accessible on the side of the grip.

Whilst developer kits are being put on sale now, it won’t be long before the equipment is pushed out on a retail level. Microsoft has high hopes that both the motion controllers and the Mixed Reality headsets will be available for customers this Holiday.

Acer has also confirmed that they are comitted to putting a headset and controller bundle on the shelves for $399 this Holiday.

Compared to Microsoft’s biggest competitors – Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, the $399 price tag is very competitive.

To put it into perspective, the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive bundles are closer to the $800 mark.

You may be wondering what a Microsoft Mixed Reality customer will be able to do with their new equipment.

Whilst it’s likely that Microsoft are working on their own solutions and software, they’ve purposely pushed this new Mixed Reality equipment into the hands of the developers as hard as they can.

Only time will tell what kind of solutions are brought to life through Microsoft’s new mixed reality medium.

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