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Windows Story Remix came with the free Fall Creators Update and is set to drop later this year.

What the all-new Windows 10 app does is that it takes all the media you capture using your iPhone or Android smartphone and splice them together to essentially create a movie with its own cinematic-style film transitions and soundtrack.

You’re also free to adjust the algorithm yourself to make the edit look more like how you want it to.  Or better yet, you can edit it yourself manually. The app comes with its own set of special effects to use. For example such as Snapshot’s famed camera filters and many other things.

How It Came To Be “Windows Story Remix”

According to the Microsoft exec behind the app, Chris Pratley, the idea with Windows Stories Remix is “to really show off what a PC can do.”

Pratley adds that he can’t say for sure if the possibilities are endless with the AI. However he did add that “there’s certainly a lot of them.”

Being that Microsoft keeps on boasting about how “Windows 10 loves your devices”, the Windows Story Remix seems to be a step in the right direction.

Of course, the app does not stand alone in the market. Google Photos Assistant offers similar functions in that it also creates slideshows using algorithms and sets them to music. However, what Microsoft currently has looks like something that’s capable of much more.

Hopefully, Microsoft finds a way to automate more of the app’s cooler functions so the concept doesn’t go unnoticed or, much like the Capture 3D app, gets scrapped.

For more details regarding Windows Story Remix, be sure to click here.

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