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Xbox One X – Most Powerful Console Announced At E3 2017

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The Xbox One X is a brand new console that was initially unveiled at E3 2017. With brand new hardware, the Xbox One X is set to be the most powerful console ever.

Xbox One X Is 4K Ready

The Xbox One X is the first console to be truly 4K ready. This means it’s able to play games at the highest resolution on a 4K display and it can even upscale games on lower resolution displays to make the games look crisper and cleaner.

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Not all games will have 4K support, but that doesn’t mean the Xbox One X still won’t benefit. With new hardware, the Xbox One X is set to be 40% more powerful than any other console currently on the market. This means that older games and new 1080p games will run at a higher frame rate. Loading times will be reduced, and gameplay will be smoother than it’s ever been before on an Xbox console.

One of the first games to take advantage of the real 4K capabilities of the Xbox One X will be the upcoming Forza Motorsport 7 – a stunning racing sim with beautiful cars and gorgeous graphics.

The Xbox One X Is Fully Compatible With All Xbox Consoles

The Xbox One X is still a part of the same Xbox One family that the original Xbox One and the Xbox One S belongs to. With the Xbox One X, you’ll have access to the same games, the same dashboard, and the same friends. You’ll be able to play with those on any of the older Xbox consoles.

You will even be able to play with those on an Xbox 360 through backwards compatible Xbox 360 games supported on the Xbox One X.

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Xbox Live will still be available on the Xbox One X and you’ll be able to migrate your existing Xbox account to the new console. This means you’ll be able to keep all of your past GamerScore, achievements and game progress.

The Xbox One X will first launch later this year. It will be on sale forĀ $499 USD / 449 GBP / 499 EUR / 599 CAD/ 649 AUD. Rollout begins on November 7, 2017.

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